Model MCH - Kitty Champagne Cup
Model KCC - Kitty Cocktail Cup

 Every Kitty deserves a little HAPPY HOUR

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 Model MCH
Champagne Cup

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Approx. 29 inches tall.

 Only $95.99 plus shipping

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Lil' Kit
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  • 3/8" sisal rope on a 24" post,
  • 18" long plush carpeted cup w/headrests,
  • Generously-sized 19" base (we could have made this a sporty 8-sided base, but that would detract from its stability),
  • Thick approx. 4" round post. Wrapped tightly,
  • Components connected w/ steel fasteners,
  • Extra sturdy, plush carpet,
  • Shipped with the base off. Easy assembly instructions, bolts & tool included,
  • Available in beige, blue, gray or green (each with a neutral or off-white colored cup),
  • The look and feel of quality- the quality your cat deserves....
Makes a perfect window perch (why?)
Model KCC
Cocktail Cup
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  • Approx. 26" tall
  • open-ended perch (16" long)
  • half & post (sisal/carpet)
  • a FULL 19" by 19" base
  • shipped with base off.
  • Bolt & tool supplied

Also Available:

Model KCC
Cocktail Cup

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Model KCC
Only $69.99 (plus shipping)
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Several other similar models available (click any image for details)
Jasper selects a platform!
Jasper's Sunday Soapbox
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The Square Loft
Square Loft - A Cat Bed Classic
customize this!

New Round Pedestals!
3 sizes!

Window Perches
Consider the benefits of a perch sitting on top of a sisal post, and grounded with a wide, heavy base.

  • No installation is necessary, so you can pick it up & move it without having to uninstall it from your window,
  • There are no screws or clamps attached to your woodwork
  • There are no support wires or suction cups, which can fail at the exact time your cat is most vulnerable (our perch is free standing),
  • As a result, you're assured it's totally stable, won't fall from your window sill, meaning your cat will actually use it safely and without trepidation,
  • It has a rugged sisal rope scratching post positioned right where your cat passes by on his way to his favorite perching/sleeping/sunbathing spot, so he's likely to scratch on it every day.
  • It features a soft bed with a gentle curve, giving your kitty the secure feeling that he can sit or sleep in the window without falling from his perch.

it creeps UP on ya!
Treat your critter to some very potent,
Organic Ratherbee Catnip-
(about a half ounce)
(25 generous pinches) in a zipper bag
1 bag:only $2.99

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Gateway grazing
complete CAT GRASS KIT

Seeds for 3 crops, growing container, & easy instructions! You can even harvest each planting twice!!
Ready to munch in 7-10 days!!
1 complete kit: only $7.99

Add some great catnip toys now!

Fun Pennsylvania-made catnip toys!

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DROOL on 'em - just like REAL cigars!

Catnip CIGARS...
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SHIPPING COSTS: Because the cup is permanently secured to the post, we must ship these in a container measuring about 33 x 21 x 14 inches. Actual UPS shipping costs on these 2 items are more than what we are charging you. Plus, we throw in some nice, fresh, Pennsylvania air (on the house).

visa and  mastercard accepted...Checks also!


MCH - The Kitty Champagne Cup - only $95.99

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KCC - The Kitty Cocktail Cup - only $69.99

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