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You can shop and buy at a secure site (special encryption protects your credit card information) right now! Please note that the 128 bit encryption begins on the page in which you provide your credit card information (and not before). Look for the "https" in the address bar. This means that we are using a sophisticated secure server.

We will e-mail you a confirmation of your order and the expected shipping date. Read our complete shipping policy.

Authorizing Your Credit Card

Usually, we process your credit card within 24 hours of receiving your order. Your credit card is authorized automatically by our merchant processing company. In the event that you have a credit card which requires a voice authorization, or other authentication causing us to jump through hoops (a human being must intervene in the authorization process), we will notify you. We are not legally allowed to surcharge for such transactions, but we will tell you if your card is making our life miserable. Usually this does not occur, but some personal credit cards have this stipulation (voice authorization required) on their account, and there are some corporate credit cards and rewards cards which do, as well. If we cannot process your card, it may also be because it was declined. We will notify you promptly if this is the case, and we will mention the alternative ways to pay for your purchase. The point here is to please present us with a payment form that can be processed without making a career out of it. Please.

Doing Business on the Phone:

Kindly allow us to call you at a convenient time. You can arrange this by using the contact form. Give us your # and the best time to call you (we'll need to know your time zone, too). Please identify yourself as a cat owner and a prospective customer, and you will receive a timely return call. We never do any type of telemarketing, and your number is promptly deleted after we return your call.

PAYING BY CHECK: Click Here to make your purchase by check

Our shopping cart has an option to print out your order and send it to us. There will be an opportunity to print out an order on your printer. Print it, write your check, and pop it in the mail. Our shopping cart system alerts us that you have displayed the offline order form, and sends you an automated acknowledgement of this, if you have provided an e-mail address. We do not know when you have sent us your order and your check, so it is recommended that you shoot us a quick e-mail alerting us of this. We do not spam our customers or share any of your information, ever.

  Do You Prefer to Go to a Store to See Our Products? Great! Read on...

Feline Design Cat Furniture is sold in the mid-Atlantic States in select independent retail stores. If you want to see our line displayed in this area (PA, NY, DE, NJ, MD, CT, DC, NYC), let us know where you live. We will gladly point you to one of our excellent dealers. Or better yet, tell your favorite independent pet store or pet supply store about us!

We do not sell to the huge chains because they suck (meaning the huge nationwide chains) They just suck. And you know it.

Independent Pet Retailers: Please contact us!!! (ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE IN NC, OHIO, CT, or MA)
contact us to inquire about being a dealer

If you own a great independent pet store or pet supply store, or a small chain in this area, please let us know if you are interested in handling our line of fine cat furniture. Sorry, we are not able to supply virtual marketplaces. Our interest is in stores which have a physical location, regular hours of operation, and some serious space to devote to displaying a variety of our products.

Our Promise To You...

Whichever way you choose to make your purchase, you will get our personal attention, and you will know what to expect from us during and after your purchase. If you write or e-mail us, we will contact you as soon as we receive your correspondence.

Do you have something to SELL to this company?

 If you want to sell us something, please use the contact form, and make sure that you click the "supplier/resale inquiry" button.

Our Guarantee
Our Guarantee

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