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1) All Feline Design Products are guaranteed for 90 days against manufacturer's defects. We will require a proof of purchase to determine the date of purchase. We do not pay any return shipping costs unless we've totally screwed up your order. Also, we do not take back rope which has already been broken out of its coil (meaning that the bands securing the coil have been broken).
2) If you have a problem with one of our products during this 90 day period, please click the contact button (below). We will give you instructions on returning a defective item.
3) Cat furniture is intended solely for use by cats, and so we cannot be held responsible if you damage one of our items by sitting on it, leaning on it, using it for a plant stand, or your wild children climbing on it, etc... It's not difficult to make such a determination, since our products are way over-built in the first place. Please use your best judgement. If you have inadvertantly broken one of our products, please let us know, and we will try to help you within reason.
4) Also, please understand that each design in our line is made to be destroyed by your gentle feline companion. While every effort is made to ensure that our products are tough enough to take punishment from cats, the appearance of your Feline Design product will naturally reflect the amount of attention visited upon it by your cat(s). It will and should start to show wear, and the time will come when it will look downright shabby. However, we can give you some valuable advise concerning keeping your purchase looking clean and neat. This knowledge comes from years and years of having more cat furniture in our house than people furniture. So take us up on this! Please contact us with your questions on maintaining the appearance of our products.
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