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  Some cats have to be DIFFERENT, don't they? We appreciate them too!!!

 Feline Design makes the absolute BEST horizontal scratch platforms!


shown: Model MB24 (24x8 inches)
only $49.00


also avaliable:

Model MB16 (16x8 in.)

only $44.00


  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Offered in earth tone, blue or green (details, see: Carpet Choices ).
  • Brazilian or Mexican sisal rope or sisal weave - tightly wrapped.
  • Eight inch wide heavy duty structure.
  • Sisal rope model is reversible.
  • A lot of strong, steel connections in the right places.
  • Free shipping with any scratching post purchase.
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flat sisal weave scratcher

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shown: Model WB24 ( 24x8 in.): only $39.00

also avaliable:

Model WB16 (16x8 in.) : only $29.00


 Also available:

Totally portable, low profile, wide sisal rope post.

The Flying Tee

All wood flat scratching posts - 2 sizes!

All wood
flat scratching posts

The look and feel of quality... the quality your cat deserves!


On Jaspervision , you'll see any discounts or other incentives relating to these models. Most are valid for very limited timeframes & are withdrawn without prior notice.

*Valid for the continental USA only, but buyers from other regions are free to inquire as to any special offers for international orders.

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Flat scratchers come in sisal rope or in sisal weave.

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visa and  mastercard accepted...Checks also!

MB16 - Horizontal Sisal Rope Scratcher - 16" only $44.00

2nd choice color:
3rd choice color:


MB24 - Horizontal Sisal Rope Scratcher -24" only $49.00

2nd choice color:
3rd choice color:


WB16 - Horizontal Sisal Weave Scratcher - 16" only $29.00

2nd choice color:
3rd choice color:


WB24 - Horizontal Sisal Weave Scratcher - 24" only $39.00

2nd choice color:
3rd choice color:


Boney rates local restaurant table scraps

 Drafting Room
Taproom & Grille

Permanently Closed
See The Brickside Grille
(review coming soon)

635 N Pottstown Pike

Exton, PA 19341
(610) 363-0521
Continental cuisine & a vast array of brews


11AM to Midnight

About a mile north of Rte. 30
cats not allowed

The Drafting Room is way too far from here for me to ever go there without getting run over. But my human companions have said that it is a very busy and extremely well-run culinary destination just a stone's throw from the Exton crossroads, and close enough to the Downingtown exit of the PA turnpike. I rode up and down that turnpike past this particular exit many times back in the late '80's. I still at the offramp. But that's another story. By the way, what are cows for?

My humans arrived home just after 7:00 with a smattering of their choices for dinner. I launched into my hollowest and most annoying frequency of meowing, honed and refined over almost 20 years. It bore fruit.

I should say it bore chicken, left over from a twin skinless breast offering, topped with brie cheese and caramelized onions. There was some sort of lightly crunchy coating on the top, which was pleasing to my feline palate.


four paws


other reviewed restaurants:

The original meal also had buttermilk mashed potatoes, underneath the chicken. The potatoes were perfectly seasoned, and still had some traces of the veal jus which topped everything. They say that the market vegetables served with it were perfectly cooked, just having brushed up against a puff of steam.

My other human chose the ahi tuna, with a salsa of corn, bacon, and tomato. Perfectly pan seared on the rare side, and served with a lime aioli.

The restaurant sent some beef gravy home just for me. Wasn't that nice?

I heard them say that the service was utterly professional and attentive. The noise level is a bit high, and they could use some fabric or maybe even a few cats there to absorb the clatter of plates and silverware.

Still, four paws up on this one, with the last paw reserved for something mouse-flavored.



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