Models MS8, MC8

Proudly made in the USA


Perfect for large cats, such as Maine Coons.

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Model MS8.
  • Over 24 inches high.
  • Plush carpet and 3/8" Brazilian or Mexican sisal rope.
  • Column can be inverted when one end shows wear.
  • Wide octagon top - 16." Stable, sturdy base -18".
  • All flat surfaces are at least 5/8 inches thick.
  • Colors: earth tones, blue or green (for details, see: Carpet Choices ).
  • Perfect height for many windows. Easily repositionable!
  • Quick & easy attachment of top & base required. Just attach with the supplied fasteners, and start scratching!
Price: Only $139 (plus shipping)
visa and  mastercard accepted...Checks also!

Model MC8
Same features as MS8 (except all carpeted)
Price: Only $115 (plus shipping)


On Jaspervision , you'll see any discounts or other incentives relating to these models. Most are valid for very limited timeframes & are withdrawn without prior notice.

*Valid for the continental USA only, but buyers from other regions are free to inquire as to any special offers for international orders.

"Dear Tom,

    The scratching post/window perches arrived late yesterday afternoon.  I had no problem putting them together.  I like the colors especially the blue and am very impressed with the sturdy and attractive construction.
    Both Sabrina and Tabitha accepted the change from boxes to perches at "their" windows well and seem to like them although Sabrina is less accepting of the change than Tabitha (I found water splashed outside their bowl this morning...a Sabrina-trick).  However, knowing that with kitties "familiarity breeds content", I have no doubts that both will enjoy many hours on their new furniture.  I am so glad I found your website.

        Lynn  =^. .^= "(Indianapolis, IN - purchased 3 MS8's for her cats to look out the windows)

Save BIG now. Double your post's life just by thinking AHEAD.
You can now
DOUBLE the life of your post for AS LITTLE AS $30.00
Best of all: When you order with your original post, we pay the added shipping costs!

A spare column can be ordered with your complete MC8 or MS8. The spare is identical to the vertical column of your original post. It is made right along with the original post, and matched with & fitted precisely to it. When the original column is spent, you simply remove the old post & put on the replacement. Look, you know your cat's going to love scratching on this post, so why not save yourself some money & effort? Invest in the spare now! Then, you'll have it when you need it. OK?

Just use the drop-down menu option for "Add spare column?" when you order.

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Visa & MasterCard, Checks, & PayPal accepted


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MS8 - Jumbo Top Sisal Rope Pedestal-Style Scratching Post: Only $139

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MC8 - Jumbo Top Sisal Rope Pedestal-Style Scratching Post: Only $115

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3rd choice color:
Add spare column:

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