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Model 3BC, 30 inch

Straight, extra-wide

Berber Scratching Post 


Class of POST

proudly made in the USA

"So your cat prefers Berber? We can do that....."


3bc, heavy-duty, extra wide berber scratching post 30"

 The 3BC

30" heavy duty berber scratching post with reinforced base

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The 3BC

A massive berber scratcher

  •  Tall and tough. You will not find strength and durability like this anywhere else. Period.
  • Overall height: 30"
  • Covered securely, bound with industrial fasteners.
  • TWO by SIX board construction on upright section. Actually two posts back-to back! Really flat and wide!
  • Reinforced 19" base, & more than two inches thick at center of base.
  • Produced in earth tones. ( for details, see: Carpet Choices ).
  • Easy assembly - Shipped with base off. All fasteners and tool supplied. No additional tools needed.
  • Shipping costs on this post reflect the sheer bulk & weight of this post. Since it is all wood, you are paying to have that weight shipped to you..
  • Total quality that lasts - the quality your cat deserves!

only $99.99 (plus shipping)

or 2 for only $ 179.99 (plus shipping) save $20.00


30" high heavy-duty berber scratching post on an all-wood frame

 The 3BC

(Click any photo for larger view.)

(On 7/18/12, Kristin from Redding, CA writes this about her cat, Boysenberry, & his new massive berber scratcher:)

"Hi Tommy, Just wanted to let you know that the scratching post arrived right on time, and Boysenberry was on it before it was even put together.  He now uses the scratching post exclusively and ignores the stair carpet....yea! It is just the right size and strength.
Thanks again, Kristin"

Please note that berber is a loop carpet & is therefore subject to pulls and fraying. As your cat continues to scratch it, you should just cut these loose ends off with a scissors. the fact is that ALL of our posts will eventually be destroyed, and one day, we hope it looks so bad that you'll want another!

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3BC Straight, heavy duty reinforced 30" berber carpet scratching post: only $99.99

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Two Pak - 3BC Straight, heavy duty reinforced 30" berber carpet scratching posts: only $179.99

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