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The year was 1986. Only three years after graduating from the University of Pennsylvaina's heralded Wharton School, and after a handful of unremarkable and unsatisfying career starts, I needed to find a new direction. Afer all, I was just months away from marrying my long time best friend ( usually referred to as Mrs. Catman, to protect her privacy ), and was anxious to start out our married life together with a stable work situation.

Looking back, it would seem fitting that I didn't join my fellow graduates in the world of hedge funds and other exotic finincial instrument trading. After the world economy came crashing down in 2008, all I can say was "Hey, don't look at ME. I'm just making cat furniture out here in the forest!"

As far as stability goes, the career move wasn't that bad, really. At the time of this writing, on the verge of 2018, I've been pounding out my designs for over 30 years. Cat owners from all over the country, and even as far away as Singapore, rely on this as the top shelf of cat furniture lines. And repeat customers have been there year after year, trading in their well worn Feline Design scratching post for a fresh one. Or maybe even taking the plunge into some more complex Feline Design model.


Originating in a tiny shop a little west of Philadelphia, and rarely engaging the assistance of outside help, Feline Design Cat Furniture is all American made, and the vast bulk of these products never leave my hands until they are safely on the store shelves.

rJasper & Gateway (click for a little background on them)

Jasper & Gateway: 2 perfect cats

Using carefully selected sisal rope, only the best hand-picked carpet available, and with only the most heavy-duty component parts, I'm proud to be a totally "hands-on" boss. And prouder yet that I can't really get fired. After all, the company would disappear, now, wouldn't it.

I often tell satisfied customers who comment on the quality of my work.: "Just because you said that, I've decided to do this for another 30 years".

There are challenges to this plan, however. Take a look at your buying habits. If you always want to get what you are looking for for "cheaper," you're driving this small company out of business, along with many other US-based companies! You can count on it if you have this Wal-Mart mentality.

I'm happy to bring this line of cat furniture to you, and I'm sure your own cats will be happy to see what you've picked up here, and happier yet to begin its slow destruction.

t westerhold
owner, feline design



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