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Amie (below)  

Mousing takes a back seat to Video Catnip!


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"Just a note to let you know that I received my DVD's in yesterday's mail.  I e-mailed pictures of my cat enjoying the DVD to my sister at her job.  She works for BJ's in the corporate offices.  She tells me that aprox. a dozen of her coworkers will be ordering the video as well.  Thank you again."
Debbie (Bellingham, MA)
"Two weeks ago, you mailed us the Catnip video - the cats love it - and we  love watching the cats watch it.  I've raved about it to everyone, and now all our cat-owning friends want their own copies. ..."   - O.R.  Minneapolis, MN


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Video Catnip
$17.95 Temporarily out of stock.
FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the continental US with purchase of any other item (see our fresh catnip stuffed toys). DVD format.
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Video Catnip
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Video Catnip
$17.95 Temporarily out of stock.
FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the continental US with purchase of any other item (see our fresh catnip stuffed toys ) .VCR format.
Price: $17.95



Video Catnip
vcr 2 pack - Two VCR Temporarily out of stock.
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Who could have known that cats love TV, too?
 But we can tell you that ours do, and thousands and thousands of cats all over watch Video Catnip!

Who knew cats would watch TV entertainment for cats? Steve! Video Catnip's Creator! That's who!

makes the perfect gift for a cat lover!

Years ago, I met this guy named Steve at a big pet trade show. He was selling this entertainment video for cats! I really couldn't believe that cats would sit still for a TV show, but there they were on a TV monitor, right at his booth! These cats were going NUTS watching this amazing video! My company has sold this tape ever since then!  

Fact: Cats do enjoy watching TV. Since 1989, Video Catnip is the first and still the most popular cat entertainment video ever produced.

"...My copies of Video Catnip arrived in Saturday's mail. Within minutes my cat Mimi, and Carlos, the cat of a friend for whom I am sitting were completely captivated. They watched for more than 30 minutes the first sitting, and for almost the entire 115 minutes the second time. They had me in stitches! " -Richard P. (San Diego)

Video Catnip is a professionally videotaped and edited compilation of Birds, Squirrels, and Chipmunks designed to entertain cats. The Original Video Catnip is 25 minutes in length and has remained the best selling pet video. The DVD contains the Original Video Catnip and an additional 1 1/2 hour of footage for a total running time of approx. 2 hours. Shot in the highest quality video and professionally manufactured and packaged, this is the video that started it all. Since its production, no less than 20 videos for cats have come and gone on the market.

There are basically four parts to the Video Catnip DVD. The first short segment is a fast paced collection of critter antics set to a humorous "Keystone Cops" type of musical accompaniment which produces two separate effects, one of which is to entertain the human viewer and the other is to signal the kitty that his favorite show is starting. (The second effect becomes more meaningful to the kitty after four or five viewings.)

The second short segment is also a musical piece, but this time much slower. Its purpose is to give notice to the human viewer and the cat that the "kitty" portion of the show is about to begin .

The third segment , (over 21 minutes of the 25 minute original production running time) is for cats only. The cats are exposed to some beautiful close-ups of most of the cast with many group shots included. Although this segment is designed to be for cats only, many people find it not only entertaining, but very relaxing.

The last segment, (1 1/2 hours), is the additional footage which is just for cats with more critter close ups and more natural birdy sounds.

 "I bought Video Catnip a few weeks back and I have one complaint, my cats have turned into couch potatoes!! They run to the TV whenever they see us popping in a DVD. ... We love to pop it in and watch them go nuts!"

 "P.S. The crews name is Stuffy, Bob, and Salem. I will try to snap a digital photo of the three of them watching it. We have a 46" TV, they sit side by side and watch it. It's hilarious!" - Angelo & Barbara Boise, ID

As far as the effectiveness of Video Catnip to entertain cats is concerned, it's been on the market for about 20 years and has been found to be effective on almost all indoor cats. Outdoor kitties don't seem to be as impressed. Although most indoor kitties will watch the entire show the first time they see it, some cats (who have never watched TV before) might need a little encouragement from mommy or daddy by tapping lightly on the TV screen to get kitty's attention.

After being entertained by Video Catnip, many cats will keep a closer eye on the TV hoping that the birdies will come back. Sometimes when the TV isn't even turned on. Many cats will also come running whenever a cassette or DVD is inserted, expecting "Their"show to start playing. Many of our more seasoned viewers have actually forced their human companions to buy them a home theatre and devote a section of the basement to cat entertainment only.

The cats all react differently. Some will watch a few minutes just sitting there and then begin to roll around on their backs watching the show upside down. Some will paw at the screen, extending a tentative paw lightly on the images. Some cats will run around behind the TV trying to figure out where all the birdies are going. Many of the kitties make those little mewing noises that cats make when they see birds. There have been some reports of cats using screwdrivers to remove the back of the TV, but we haven't had any independent confirmation of this.

The DVD comes pre-programmed to loop continuously. Just pop it in your DVD player and it will keep running until you stop it, or until about 5 minutes after the warranty runs out on the DVD player, whichever comes first.

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Multi-purpose condo/perch,and sisal rope scratching post!

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