Just how big should the scratching post be, anyway? 

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  • You may have seen advertisements or catalogs showing several very cute, very tiny kittens romping on a quite ordinary sized cat tree. While this is all sweet and cuddly and so on, please ask yourself a question: How will my ten-pounder look in that picture? After all, he has kittens this size for breakfast!! (Oh, geez, we hope not, but you get the picture!)
  • Feline Design uses our own fully grown adult cats - at least the ones who are awake and in the mood to participate - in our advertisements to show you a more realistic picture of what you and your feline companion will experience. Scratch that...(no pun intended), these cats use us - let's be real, here! Our beasts range from ten to nineteen pounds.
  • A cat needs to feel comfortable jumping up on a pedestal ( or any surface). This means that it has to be big enough for a successful landing! Also, the cat should feel that the whole post will not tip over. So the base needs to be wide enough for the height. Either that, or there has to be some support for the furniture from the sides, the top (not some spring-loaded gizmo), or in the form of a mechanical connection of the base to the floor. Usually this means that you are nailing or screwing into your floor. Hey! It IS YOUR floor, after all!!! --->Feline Design Sells Bulk Brazilian SISAL ROPE in 200, 500, 732, & 1200 ft. lengths<---
  • Many cats have their own unique style of scratching. Some sit and claw lazily. Some revolve around the post like they are chasing something. Some cats will only scratch horizontally (we have products for this- click here). Our observations over the years are that most cats STRETCH up to the top of the post and kind of hang there and scratch. So, just be sure that there is sufficient height for your cat to do this if he or she is in this group of scratchers.
  • We recommend a 24" or 30" post for most adult cats. And to double as a bird watching platform, a pedestal style post with a platform on top would be best. If you are just breaking in a new kitten, a 16" or 19" post should be fine.

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