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  Some cats have to be DIFFERENT, don't they? We appreciate them too!!!

 Feline Design makes the absolute BEST horizontal scratch platforms!

"Itty-Bitty" works on the Mr. Big Horizontal Sisal Scratcher 

shown: Model MB24 (24x8 inches)
only $44.00


also avaliable:

Model MB16 (16x8 in.)

only $37.50


  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Offered in earth tone, blue or green (details, see: Carpet Choices ).
  • Brazilian or Mexican sisal rope or sisal weave - tightly wrapped.
  • Eight inch wide heavy duty structure.
  • Sisal rope model is reversible.
  • A lot of strong, steel connections in the right places.
  • Free shipping with any scratching post purchase.
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flat sisal weave scratcher

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shown: Model WB24 ( 24x8 in.): only $34.99

also avaliable:

Model WB16 (16x8 in.) : only $25.50


 Also available:

Totally portable, low profile, wide sisal rope post.

The Flying Tee

All wood flat scratching posts - 2 sizes!

All wood
flat scratching posts

The look and feel of quality... the quality your cat deserves!


On Jaspervision , you'll see any discounts or other incentives relating to these models. Most are valid for very limited timeframes & are withdrawn without prior notice.

*Valid for the continental USA only, but buyers from other regions are free to inquire as to any special offers for international orders.

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Flat scratchers come in sisal rope or in sisal weave.

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visa and  mastercard accepted...Checks also!

MB16 - Horizontal Sisal Rope Scratcher - 16" only $37.50

2nd choice color:
3rd choice color:

MB24 - Horizontal Sisal Rope Scratcher - 24" only $44.00

2nd choice color:
3rd choice color:

WB16 - Horizontal Sisal Weave Scratcher - 16" only $25.50

2nd choice color:
3rd choice color:

WB24 - Horizontal Sisal Weave Scratcher - 24" only $37.99

2nd choice color:
3rd choice color:


Boney rates local restaurant table scraps

Restaurant: Dim Sum Garden


1020 Race St,
(215) 873-0258

Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 873-0258
Authentic Chinese


Call for Hours

Near the Reading Terminal Market
for cats


Why these 2 knuckleheads had to go all the way into the big city for Chinese food is a mystery to me. But they stopped in to this small eatery to sample their cooking, & remembered to bring me a little bite.

What was placed in front of me was a delicate Shanghai pork dumpling. It was full of a highly lickable broth, and contained a generous portion of a tender pork mixture, which I unceremoniously inhaled before any of the other cats here got up the stairs. My humans spoke about a very hot dumpling sauce at the table, but I did not sample that.

I don't eat the outside of dumplings, so I kind of just slopped that all over the floor for fun.

Moneycat - The newest feline addition to our home. Only eats coins!
four paws 

other reviewed restaurants:



Incidentally, they told me that there were no other humans there who looked like them (I took that to mean that everyone else looked intelligent). They said that the restaurant was very busy, and travelers came off busses very hungry and seemed to be liking what they ate there.

The other item, which I also personally would not eat, was the scallion pancake. Cats do not eat onions - ever. But my humans talked about it forever like it was mouse or something!

Speaking of mice, I tasted nothing resembling mouse, hence the elusive fifth paw is once again withheld. The highest rating is 5 paws, but only if some mouse flavor can be detected.



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