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  Some cats have to be DIFFERENT, don't they? We appreciate them too!!!

 Feline Design makes the absolute BEST horizontal scratch platforms!

"Itty-Bitty" works on the Mr. Big Horizontal Sisal Scratcher 

shown: Model MB24 (24x8 inches)
only $44.00


also avaliable:

Model MB16 (16x8 in.)

only $37.50


  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Offered in earth tone, blue or green (details, see: Carpet Choices ).
  • Brazilian or Mexican sisal rope or sisal weave - tightly wrapped.
  • Eight inch wide heavy duty structure.
  • Sisal rope model is reversible.
  • A lot of strong, steel connections in the right places.
  • Free shipping with any scratching post purchase.
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flat sisal weave scratcher

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shown: Model WB24 ( 24x8 in.): only $34.99

also avaliable:

Model WB16 (16x8 in.) : only $25.50


 Also available:

Totally portable, low profile, wide sisal rope post.

The Flying Tee

All wood flat scratching posts - 2 sizes!

All wood
flat scratching posts

The look and feel of quality... the quality your cat deserves!


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*Valid for the continental USA only, but buyers from other regions are free to inquire as to any special offers for international orders.

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Flat scratchers come in sisal rope or in sisal weave.

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visa and  mastercard accepted...Checks also!

MB16 - Horizontal Sisal Rope Scratcher - 16" only $37.50

2nd choice color:
3rd choice color:

MB24 - Horizontal Sisal Rope Scratcher - 24" only $44.00

2nd choice color:
3rd choice color:

WB16 - Horizontal Sisal Weave Scratcher - 16" only $25.50

2nd choice color:
3rd choice color:

WB24 - Horizontal Sisal Weave Scratcher - 24" only $34.99

2nd choice color:
3rd choice color:


Boney rates local restaurant table scraps

Restaurant: Bamboo


245 Lancaster Avenue

Malvern, PA 19355
Authentic Vietnamese
noodle soups & cuisine

(click above)

Mon. -Thurs. 11 AM - 9 PM.
Fri. -Sat.:11 AM - 10 PM

Closed Sunday

Second Location:

1502 West Chest Pike
West Chester, PA 19382.
Phone: 484-947-5436

not cat accessible

My two-legged housemates have been on this quest to find unusual and tasty Asian food for a couple of years. The female (we'll call her Rainy from here on out) was born on an even numbered day. So according to their tradition, on this particular May 6, she was entitled to the choice of where to go.

Rainy, who appreciates a nice cocktail at dinner, asked the male (Tomcat is how I remember his name) if they should pick a restaurant that serves liquor. Being the one born on an odd numbered day, he declined to offer his opinion. Only after she repeated her question (much like I repeat my reasonable requests for whatever in in the big white box that they are always eating from), that Tomcat said, "why don't we just go there and eat our meal, and we can come back here & pop open this Australian Chardonnay and watch a dvd." Rainy replied, "or we can take it there to the restaurant." Tomcat made one of his little noises that I always associate with resignation (the same resignation which comes after my very skilled vocalizing at 5:30 in the morning). He just said, "or we could do that."

For what seemed like one of my entire lives, I awaited their return from Bamboo restaurant. Of course, I slept to kill the time.

rating: four paws

other reviewed restaurants:

 True to form, and lucky for them, they arrived with half a bottle of wine, and a bag of goodies. This one contained the snow peas entree. It was sauteed with abundant garlic and a light, very lickable broth. Also in the box, I found scallops. They were steamed or sauteed carefully and perfectly, and were so sweet. I'm a sucker for scallops, and woe is the human who leaves a plate of them on the table unattended!

This meal also contained some sweet red peppers and green onions. It was served over rice (which I will eat if it is flavored with something nice). This was a colorful dish which was garnished with some fresh watercress. Rainy said that she enjoyed eating this, but is was a lot of food.

Tomcat had eaten all of his entree. So we can only go by what he said. It was the Banh Bon, a noodle dish with some tofu, pork, shrimp, and crushed peanuts. It was expertly prepared, and he said the shrimp were cooked delicately and were sweet. The meal also had a little mint and a broth which he did not lick (I can't understand why he doesn't just lick things).

Bamboo is becoming popular for its large noodle meals, served in deep bowls. A couple of young families were seated next to my humans, happily slurping their noodles (more my style), and trying to contain their little humans within the boundaries of their big corner booth. This is a very family-friendly place. However, I prefer adult humans, myself.

I am giving the restaurant a rating of four paws out of five. This is my highest rating for cuisine that does not taste like mouse.



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