• Fully assembled with rock-solid construction

  • Cushioned Faux fleece accents on CG3

  • Plush curved perches, aranged logically on MLB

  • Dense, high grade carpeting

  • Can be ordered in most reasonable colors

  • Roomy condos and generously sized nests

  • Heavy base w/posts bolted down securely

  • Genuine 3/8" sisal rope wrapped tightly


The MLB - 3 level  sisal rope tree /activity center

For information on dealers or to purchase, please contact us and tell us where you are.
detail photos
This is a sister site to the website except the items shown here are only available in our local market.
We are planning to add more multi-level items to this site soon, so please:
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Multi-purpose condo/perch,and sisal rope scratching post!

Square loft - simple elegant combo for any decor!

A Low profile, extra wide, completely portable sisal rope scratcher.

NEW! Multi purpose (well mostly FUN) Cat Playground!

new, condos leeza! a diplomatic retreat.

just rope

A Kitty Cocktail Cup!

catnip toys!

 A nest in a tree!

MS8- Large top sisal rope pedestal

Pedestal-style scratching posts

now does THIS look like a photo?