The CL4

(Condo Leeza 4)

A Compact

Multi-Use Condo


A Stylish
and Practical
Cat Playhouse

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"Low profile...Loads of Fun!!..."
The CL4

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   FEATURING GATEWAY AND JASPER (our very spirited demonstrators), plus: 
  • This super tough multi-use condo is everything your cats need - all packed into one smart unit.
  • 15" roomy condo, covered inside and out in dense, high-grade carpet.
  • A 38" high scratching post wrapped tightly in very scratchable 3/8" sisal rope.
  • 19" square base made from thick wood material for a heavy and stable foundation.
  • 10" round perch on top of the post. Carpeted top and bottom.
  • Recessed bed on top of condo, and an 18" long perch behind it.
  • 5 minute assembly, at most. Just one easy piece to attach. No tools necessary.
  • Secured with high quality steel industrial fasteners (NO PLASTIC PARTS).
  • Produced in earth tones. ( for details, see: Carpet Choices ).
  • Your cat will not need a taller post. And this is built for aggrssive scratchers.
  • Crafted in a shop with a solid 30+ year reputation of making cat furniture & many loyal dealers.

Jasper: "I won't do any photos until I get a bath!" Gateway prefered to turn away from the camera to check out the chipmunk action. Lurking in the tropical plant, he whispered "wait til I find a crack in that screen door. I could use a snack!" Outside, the sheer quantity of snackage was truly underwhelming. At times, though, Gateway's head could just explode, as he followed the chipmunks, woodpeckers, and titmice action. "One day," G.W. vowed, " I'm goona grow an opposable thumb and turn that doorknob. AS GOD IS MY WITNESS I WILL!!"

The daily ritual of violence among the fierce and the fuzzy...

Overall post diameter at least 4 1/4"

See some well focused photos! Thanks to a new FD convert in Winnipeg, Canada. He paid some serious shipping costs to import something his feline companion something can cozy up to during the chilly winter months. We look forward to seeing her enjoying the warm spring breezes from her new perch, too! This cat's name is Tabby.

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Getting bored with the Chipmunks, G.W. decided to eat Jasper instead. It proved a little harder than expected. Jasper complained, "HEY! You're messing up the DOO! And I was just about to get some Z's! OK, I'll fight you for a while" The battle was joined.

Jasper beat the crap out of G.W., who had to retreat to the soft refuge of the jungle cave (which aroused in him some distant feelings he could not quite put his paw on). But Jasper knew he could not let his prey rest for long. "Now how can I sneak UP on him???"

G.W. is more in tune with the curved perch that sits behind the recessed bed on top of the condo. Something about the curve on that perch makes him feel secure (as if a house full of cat furniture isn't enough!!) But it was playtime again. Jasper was once again annoyed at this interruption of his bathtime. "DAMMIT Gee Dubb! I have a DAILY QUOTA on preening!" Gateway snarled, "I got yer QUOTA right hea!" He once again pummelled his victim mercilessly. NOTE: no cats were hurt during this photo session.

The human in the room waited patiently for someone to start scratching the tall sisal rope post. Finally he began to think he may need to get a toy to entice one of the guys to scratch. G.W.: "TOY? I don' need no STINKIN' TOY!" He ripped away furiously, intent on destroying something more than Jasper's hairdo.

Add some catnip!!
Add some cat grass!!
Very Potent
Premium Ratherbee Catnip
-about a half ounce-
(25 generous pinches)
in a zipper bag


(enough seeds for 3 plantings, growing container, & easy instructions)
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CL4 Condo Leeza Four - Large recessed top condo with sisal post and curved perch: only $229

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Add catnip (zipper bag)?

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