And now a word from our


 Many thanks to our customers who provided a little feedback. These comments are genuine. Some were in response to a simple inquiry from us about their happiness with their purchase. Some came in out of the blue. Comments are posted after specific approval from the person who made them (although some were too long to quote the entire comment). The dates of the comments are sometimes mentioned, but suffice it to say that they were offered some time between 1998 and today. -tommy ( your host & the person being addressed in these comments )

 "...I received the kitty condo on 2/10. It is beautiful and with solid craftsmanship..."

-Brenda fromGranite City, IL

NOTE: Brenda is the proud new companion of Baxter, shown above, in his Square Loft, and also in his CG Condo.

(Click either photo for a great larger image!)

Thanks Brenda!  
 A First

"Dear Tom,

I received the Flying Tee and it's great! My cats were scratching it even as I was putting it together. Thank you for the beautiful job you did and for keeping me posted-via e-mail through our entire transaction. I think the post office took too big of a chunk out of your profit, so here is a reimbursement."

-Lea (Wilsonville, OR)

( Lee and her main main squeeze just got a travel trailer and will take the kitties on their adventures. This would make our product a "Rolling Flying Tee!" - ANOTHER first! )

Dear Tom: 

Great product, easy assembly and alignment. Counter sunk screws and a good allen key was a pleasant professional surprise.

    Thanks Again,

Richard - Great Neck, NY

(Richard bought a LSP pedestal sisal post)


"Tom - Just to let you know we've now got our scratching post and Jake absolutely loves it!!!......It's a really great scratching post - and surprisingly stable considering how tall it is - I was ready to catch Jake when he leapt from the arm of the chair onto it but it was absolutely fine. He even looks good on it - the colour's great (Jake's a red point Siamese) so he looks really good when he's sitting on it (and doesn't he know it)!!"

Regards. -J. McB (Edinburgh, Scotland)

(note: this customer from Scotland purchased our tall pedestal sisal post - model LSP- along with a spare upright post.)

"... I received the scratching post today and it is wonderful! Best of all, it's being used already! Thank you again for such a smooth transaction. I look forward to doing business with your company again...."

- Christina (Orange, CA)

Dear Tom,

I wanted to let you know that I received the scratching post yesterday. I put it together immediately and the cats have been
using it ever since! It is difficult to find the taller scratching posts and this one is perfect. Thank you!

Nina -Santa Cruz, CA

Cats: Tennessee, Max, Smokey, and Callie

 "I did receive the scratching post on February 25. Our cat loves it. I want to thank you for your good service. It means a great deal to a customer when you promptly return their phone calls. I'm pleased with your service and products. I can assure you we will purchase products from you in the future." -Jeremy (Corning, NY)  

Blackjack in the "green room"

Blackjack now has a big sisal scratcher and a brand new CG2 condo (click to enlarge)!
Thanks to return customers June & Todd, from Brick, NJ



"Great job and quality product that should last for years !!!!

Thanks Tom."

-N.H. from Fulton NY

Beavis, Butthead and Ben give the CG Condo a look

(click for larger view of his "3 B's" -
Beavis, Butthead, and Ben!)


Another Video Catnip Fan:

Many thanks to Jan & her cat Bear (shown below).

Click image for a short slideshow
(give it a moment to load)


"...Jezebel even started scratching the post before we could attach it to the base....I have your web site saved in my favorites.  I appreciate the quality of your products... Jezebel and Wesley are avid and sometimes relentless scratchers. I'm sure your posts have saved my rugs and furniture from unthinkable abuse."

-Sandy (Woodbine, MD)

 jezebel prepares for blast-off!

(Sandy is a returning customer. Click for larger image of Jezebel.)

max is a climber!

From Carolyn in AR. This is MAX. Click to enlarge.

Below are Lori G's cats, Jinx & Samson (Ellicott City, MD). Click any of the 3 for a great larger image! Thanks Lori !! (a long-time customer who I treasure)

Tasha is a Siberian Forest Cat. Their owners, from Naperville, IL, flew to Moscow to get her when she could be adopted. While Tasha was awaiting her debut, we worked together to produce a custom CL4 Condo (fitted with a crow's nest and trimmed in fleece), so she would feel at home upon her arrival. Thanks to Tasha's human companions for these nice close-up photos, which can be enlarged by clicking on them.

This is Weber, from Dallas, Tx. He is an Egyptian. Weber seems to like his LTP post.

"...anyway, just wanted you to see how much Weber loves his LTP! The others scratch on it too, but he calls it his..."

-Mary (Dallas, Tx)

(click either image for larger version)

 Submitted by Andreas in Alabama

 Tom, just wanted to let you know we received the scratching post for A.J. & George.  I can say one thing, you can tell good workmanship when you see it.  The design is very attractive in our home and most of all the cats love it.  I was afraid George would not take to this one like his other one.  To my suprise he allowed me to take the other one out.  The height of 30" is great for him to s t r e t c h and scratch.  One thing about a scratching post is that our furniture is not clawed by our cats.  I will send a picture when I get one.  Thank you, especially A.J. and George

-Dolly in Dixie

(human companion of A.J. & George)
sol and olas ignore the speakers (for now)

Sol and Olas (sun and waves) say:

 "Tom's posts are helping save our home theater system. Thanks."

-Brought to you by Jim and Terri in the US Virgin Islands!

(click to enlarge)

Tommy, You should really put a warning in with the gifts you send. "SNIFF, EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK"!! After I finished my laps around the room, attacking the box and giving my "caretakers" wild laughter I at last came back to earth and discovered my new "perch". It could'nt be more PURRRRFECT!

Check me out.. CASPER.

-from Michael & Terry,
repeat customers in Maryland

(click to enlarge)

Touluse le cat!

Photo of Touluse, feline companion of Bill P. (CT):

"...Thanks for the GREAT PRODUCT. I recomended you  to three people already!.. "

click to enlarge
Otto loves his scratcher!

-Lynn (Hopatcong, NJ)

"Here are some photos of my feline family enjoying their new furniture when I uncrated it this evening .... Thank you for an attractive, well-made piece of cat furniture.  I am sure they will enjoy it for a long time"

- Rosemary & her cats, Fred, Ginger, and Marshmellow  (Ormond Beach, FL)

(click photo to enlarge)

Tai & Shen ( Shen Tao, Tai Qigong)

Tai and Shen (in harmony)

(click for great larger image)

 Returning customers -Liz & Grover (upstste NY)

Liz Writes:

"...My little girl especially loves the new tower; she's a "flyer" and now has her own perch from which she can repell all "attacks" from her brother. Tai, my little girl, is the seal point, and her brother, Shen, is the blue point that is twice her size. They are both loving the new post. THANK YOU!!!"

click to enlarge

Shen Tao

 "...The cat condo was here when I returned from my trip. We (the cats and I) love it... "  -Susan (VA)








(Andreas's cats Sunny and Sam....

click for a great larger view)

Sunny and Sam (click for the big picture!)

...we are proud owners of a model CG and our cats love it. (see attached picture)....we really appriciate your quality after all we've seen in retail stores!

-Andreas, Tuscaloosa, AL

Melinda's cat, Harley
(click photos to enlarge)

click to enlarge


I received the first four posts.  You really do quality work!  One of my 6 week old kittens climbed to the platform at the top and actually found a way
to get down......Craftsmen of your caliber are quite rare today"

..Marty (Palos Verdes Estates, CA)
Note: Marty bought SIX model LTP Dual Sisal Pedestals for his 2 new kittens. All six are in place now, and Marty says they are all superior products.Thanks to him for taking a leap of faith and outfitting his new arrivals in style!

"Jasmine loves her new scratching post and won't let the other two near it. ...Thanks again for making such a great and sturdy post!" -Stephanie ( Hackensack, NJ).

Note: Click any of these 3 to enlarge


"The scratching posts arrived safely a couple weeks ago, and they are a big hit with "the girls."

I was very happy to find your website; we had been buying good sisal scratching posts from a small independent pet store that got them from a local independent supplier, but the pet store closed and now Boulder has nothing but pet store chains with generic supplies."  

K.H. - Boulder, Co.


"I received my order a couple days ago and just wanted to let you know I was very happy with the quality of your product."

J.M. Chicago, Il


"...I want you to know that my kitties are very pleased with their new "condo" and it certainly is well made. Hoppy prefers the top shelf and Samantha likes sleeping in the 'round room'. .."

-Joan (Georgetown, FL) 


"I am writing to let you know that I received my shipment on Tuesday and that my cats are enjoying the post. You did a wonderful job and I wish to thank you very much. The strange thing was, that when I was throwing out my old post (which my cats loved for several years ), I noticed that it was also from feline design.

So unbeknownst to me I had done business with your company before....

-Larry K (Woodbridge, NJ)

(We determined that Larry bought his post at the now defunct Pet Food Giant, making his old Feline Design post at least 6 years old.)

Caesar & Ziggy (Hawaii)
(Click photo to enlarge)
caesar & ziggy, the Hawaiian cats!

Thanks to Rich and Tracey of Waimea, Hawaii

Puska demonstrates the "top down" scratching style!
Puska- a.k.a.Bubushka

(click to enlarge)

Companion of Mary Beth in North Branch, MN.



Gabrielle's "Slumber Bug & Bitsy,"

and the latest addition, "Blue!"



...It is so nicely made and they enjoy it so much - others should know! 

I have been debating the "Flying T" or some other scratcher for my living room area.  Will put in an order once I make up my mind. 

-Gabrielle (CT)

(Photos sent to us by Gabrielle in CT)



"Thanks for your fast response. The videos arrived today. My cats (2) loved every minute of it. Thanks again for your quick response and shipping."

G.S. -Mobile, AL.


"We received the condo today and it's great. Already, Tommy and Frieda have been climbing all over it, hanging out in the cubbyhole and sharping their claws. (I'm going to have to find the claw trimmer again!) They seem to like it very much."

 Mary Ann -Nashville, TN ( circa 2001)
(note: Mary Ann, an original web customer of ours, has appreciated our work over a ten year span, and recently purchased something for her cats, Thomas & Frieda, for their new domain. Click the image of Thomas, below, for a much larger shot.)


"Hi,  We recently received the 30" sisal rope scratching post and our 2 tabby cats just love it! I couldn't find a post that  size in the stores, so I was thrilled to  find your web page. We really like it because the cats can really stretch up on it and it doesn't fall over. I will be recommending your posts to my other cat loving friends! Thanks,"

-Laura and Jeff (Annapolis, Md.)


Samantha and hoppy live it up in their Florida condo!
(click image for larger view)

"Anyway, I have to show you how much Samantha and Hoppy like their condo.  They spend many hours playing and sleeping on it.

Thanks again...."

         -Joan (Georgetown, Florida)

Just wanted to let you know that I received the scratching post yesterday and it is everything I had hoped.  It is tall enough for the cats to stretch up on and it is simple in design.  They loved it! They couldn't wait for it to be assembled before they used it!

Thanks again.

Best Regards,Carol (Hoboken, NJ)


Spencer is a very fortunate New York City kitty. He is shown with his well-worn 9 yr. old model LSP sisal rope post (above), and its replacement (below) . Many thanks to a long-time customer, Susan.



Here are a couple of success stories, where Feline Design has exceeded expectations:

Sparky & his 8 year-old LSP

"Here is a picture of Sparky and the scratching post. I had to move it  from it's regular location in the window [we assume for the photo], ...Our other cat, Pancake, is a large 20 pound cat, and he is the one who did all the scratching down low. Alas, he is too, ahem, "hefty" to jump up onto the perch... but he does enjoy lazing about the bottom....Thanks again for making such an incredible product. I still can't believe we've had it since 2003- I knew it was a while, but not that long!"

-Mary S. from Richmond, VA

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