Shipping Policy

(updated 3/6/21)

Shipping Policy

(updated 3/6/21

The following policy is the way things usually unfold with the typical order. This is a business which is run by human beings, who realize that we are dealing with other human beings who also have feelings and opinions (and your own policies, for that matter). If you see something in this policy that concerns you or that you have a severe disagreement with (or you feel is unfair or irresponsible or does not conform to your religion, etc..), please be kind enough to let us know before taking your business elsewhere. If you order something from us, discover our shipping policy after the fact, and have a problem with it, we understand that it is sometimes possible to forget to read a company's published shipping policy. We are happy that you have invested your time and interest in us, and we strive to reply to all inquires cordiallly and in a timely manner. Please feel free to contact us with your concerns. It's always beneficial (and usually a positive experience) to hear feedback from the pet loving public, and you will receive a polite, prompt answer. While we feel that everything here reflects sound reasoning and admirable business acumen, let's face it: anyone who makes cat furniture for a living has to be a little nuts. So, if you have a better idea, please share it with the nuts here, OK?

When will you ship my purchase?

Shipping timeframes are as follows: 1 week for catnip, cat grass kits, and all toys.

Bulk rope is usually shipped within 1-5 business days from processing your payment. We try to update the bulk rope page often, check that page for updates to this shipping policy and ask us if you have any questions. Shipping times on that page are updated as our supply of sisal rope fluctuates, and are generally the most accurate guage of when shipping will occur.

Our shipping turnaround times on cat furniture and all DIY items, including wrapped sisal posts are normally 2 weeks or less. On occasion a large volume of work on our production floor means it will take somewhat longer than that. If we know this when we receive your order, we will naturally tell you about it. In that event, normally your credit card will not be charged until one week prior to shipping. If your credit card is processed by our automatic shopping cart system, and a delay is expected, it is because your order came in at a time which didn't permit intervention by a human on this end. In this case, you will normally be offered the opportunity to have your credit card refunded, and then charged later, when shipping is expected to take place within one week. You are always invited to inquire about how we handle your credit card, and questions concerning when you have been/will be charged for your purchase are welcome at any point. It is your money until your cat is enjoying your thoughtful purchase, and this fact is never forgotten over here.

Objections to our shipping timeframe are sometimes received, and we always appreciate the opportunity to settle your mind concerning this. If it is at all possible, we strive to depart from the usual lag time when a customer has a situation that requires urgent attention. Here at Feline Design, we call this a "cat furniture emergency," and it is taken quite seriously ( OK, OK, and with tongue in cheek, but we do try to help when we can!).

When will I receive my purchase?

Unless otherwise specified by us, most orders will leave our shop within 1-2 weeks via UPS Ground. This service takes about 5 business days to get to the west coast, 1-2 days close in. We ship toys and greens & larger items some limited cases via USPS. Their service has proven to be cost effective, reliable, and faster in some situations. If you place your order by mail, you should add at least one week to these times (to allow your order to arrive in the mail and for us to process your check payment). We rarely use Parcel Post. Honestly, I have no idea how it can take so long. Perhaps the USPS has some routine for these parcels that necessitates a long delay, but I am not aware of what this is, and you might be sorry if you insist upon this method of shipment. If you do mail your order along with a check, PLEASE contact us to let us know that this has been/will be the case. This will speed up your order.

Although we do not feature overnight or 2nd day service, UPS ground service and USPS First Class Mail are surprisingly fast in nearby states. Often less than 24 hours, especially for UPS within a certain shipping zone.

Christmas crunch time: During the online crunch of the Christmas shopping season (early November through the end of the year), we'll post a shipping policy with a longer timeframe. This is the only predictable spike in demand for our output (while there is no spike in the supply of experienced labor).

SHIPPING CHARGES: Feline Design will NOT pay for or refund shipping charges. Exceptions to this: 1) we have shipped you a clearly defective item or the wrong item, and 2) the product fails within the guarantee period.

In some areas, UPS drivers have the discretion to require signatures, even though this was not specified by the shipper or the recipient.You may be in one of these areas. If a package's delivery is delayed due to your signature being required, we recommend that you register for UPS My Choice, where you may sign for your UPS deliveries electronically, and where you may affect the outcome of your delivery in other significant ways.

Please see our Returns/Refunds Policy for more information concerning how Feline Design handles shipping charges.

International Shipping: Personal note here: Speaking as the owner of the company, I have to confess that I'm always intrigued at the possibility that our little company has something that could be needed or desired in some remote location outside the USA. The simple fact is that besides Canada, where we ship to fairly regularly ( but not without considerable cost ), anyone else from any other country must really have a very serious desire to acquire one of our designs or even some of our rope or components. And so we WELCOME any inquiry from another place. Please get in touch and we'll se what we can do. At the very least, you'll receive a cordial communication, even if the news on shipping costs isn't encouraging. We have shipped to Italy, France, England, Hong Kong, and Singapore, just off the top of my head. Absolutely, please be the next country to be added here!

Packaging: Your purchase is lovingly and painstakingly prepared for shipment in a strong container. It is cushioned by ample quantities of packing material (usually wads of fresh paper). And the container is closed and secured by lots of tape - top and bottom. We want your package to get to you in the same shape we sent it out. Please note that we do not enclose any paperwork, except for assembly directions, where indicated. Your receipt is sent via e-mail.



PLEASE adjust your mail filters to allow mail from:

If you wish to receive e-mail communications about your order, you should take a moment now to do this. Generally we do not participate in the type of security measures set up by ISP's such as Earthlink, which bounce our e-mails back and require a further step from us. So you'll want to put this address on your "allowed" list now.

What e-mails do you send concerning my order? And will I receive SPAM?

After your place your order, you will receive two replies. You will receive an automatic reply from our secure shopping cart which is just a quick response from our system that your order has been received. Then you will receive a personal reply which will give you a bit more specific information about your order, which will then have been added into our production and shipping schedules. It will also clearly state when we expect to ship your purchase to you. From time to time, due to human error, we do neglect to send this notification. If you do not receive this confirmation from us within a day or so, please let us know. It does not necessarily mean that your order hasn't been entered, but please just do this to gently remind us to get our act together and stop loafing.

After your personal confirmation, there is only one more e-mail that you will get from us, since we never send spam (defined here as unsolicited advertising). You will receive this one e-mail from us as soon as we have shipped your purchase. It will say when your order was shipped, and it will contain a note of thanks. When you read the words "thank you," please know that it means that we are grateful to get your business, and happy that your pet will have the pleasure of using our expertly crafted product. It also means that we care very much to see that you will receive your purchase in a reasonable time, and that the quality of the entire transaction has exceeded your expectations.


You are asked on your order form (displayed by our secure shopping cart) if we may add you to our mailing list. Historically, we've sent no more than 2 or 3 advertisements per year. We usually let you know about the rollout of a new year's designs. We also marked our 20th, 25th, and 30th anniversaries with a sale, and would most likely do this again on our 35th year. These very occasional mailings offer significant and exclusive savings to those who have purchased from us in the past. We would appreciate you opting in on this list, which is guarded by exactly one person here & never shared with others. Never means never. Not ever. You can say no to being added to this at any time, including when you place your first order. There is also a "remove me" link included with these e-mails.