Returns/Refunds Policy

(updated 10/6/20)

Returns/Refunds Policy

(updated 10/6/20)

We will take back and refund your entire purchase price, including shipping costs, or we will replace the item, at our option, for any of our product that fails within the guarantee period of 90 days. After that, we expect that your kitty is happily destroying our good work, and we will not take back anything after this 90 day period. This period starts at the date that you received our shipment. This is determined by checking your UPS tracking number, which we provide with all UPS shipments. In the event that something has been shipped via USPS, we will measure the period by either 1) tracking any delivery confirmation number associated with your shipment, or 2 weeks after the shipment date, whichever is earlier.

Naturally, we will also refund your purchase price plus shipping if we have clearly sent you the wrong item. In this case, we would appreciate the opportunity to send you what you wanted in the first place.

We will take back any coil of rope that is still intact with the bands uncut. However, you will pay the shipping cost to return it. Otherwise, rope is non-refundable under any circumstances. Although the Footage Kit is a non-refundable purchase, its $15 price is fully applicable to a future rope purchase.

We may take back or refund your money, less shipping charges - AT OUR DISCRETION - for custom orders or any do-it-yourself item, such as nests or wrapped sisal posts. There are two exceptions: 1) We will certainly take back and pay for all shipping if one of these products is clearly defective upon receipt, and 2) We may take back products designed to fit other brands of cat trees for a full refund, less shipping costs if you have not damaged it. Our inspection of your returned item will be the final determination of whether or not a refund is due. We may ask you for the hardware you were using when you determined that our product did not work with your tree. If you send us back something you have damaged, and want us to inspect it anyway, we will return it to you only after you pay the shipping costs to do so.

REPLACEMENT COLUMNS FOR OTHER BRANDS: If you purchase replacement columns which are made for other brands, you must have your original hardware that came with your cat tree. We do not automatically supply this hardware, except in the case of our Foster/Smith brand compatible columns. Foster/Smith has also sold You & Me cat trees. We do not provide hardware for the You & Me trees unleess you specifically request it and we have this hardware in stock.

If you purchase our replacement columns knowing that you do not have the original hardware for your cat tree, you cannot return the column under any circumstances. Even if you discover that you do not have the original hardware after you receive your replacement columns, they cannot be sent back to us for a refund/exchange. Your purchase of our replacement columns made for other brands is made with this understanding, and NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

Custom made columns will not be accepted for refund/exchange. This includes custom length or width columns, as well as covering that is not sisal rope.

We do accept our legitimate responsibility for any product of ours that is defective, though. Please contact us to discuss a defective item. You'll receive a prompt reply & clear instructions on how to proceed.

Refunds due to color problems: Every effort has been made to help you to know what to expect regarding the colors you select for your cat gear, and we do not take back cat furniture due to a color problem unless we've sent you the totally wrong color (i.e. we sent you blue when you specified green). We do ask that you allow for a rather wide variation when it comes to beige. For a more complete discussion regarding color choices, go here.

SHIPPING CHARGES: Unless we have shipped you the wrong item or it is obviously defective upon receipt, Feline Design will not pay for or refund shipping charges. If you have a defective product from us, please contact us promptly so that we can get it back & make things right with you, OK?

In some areas, UPS drivers have the discretion to require signatures, even though this was not specified by the shipper or the recipient.You may be in one of these areas. If you have had packages delayed due to your signature being required, we recommend that you register for UPS My Choice, where you may sign for your UPS deliveries electronically, and where you may affect the outcome of your delivery in other significant ways.

Please see our Shipping Policy for more information concerning how Feline Design handles shipments.