Model RM3 & RM4
Really big condos,
soft & beautiful lookout nests...
combined with tough sisal posts!

2 Practical, yet modern cat trees...
Fleecy, roomy,
& suitable to your fine decor
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Everything you'd expect from
Feline Design ....

Thoughtfully designed and
painstakingly crafted for your deserving feline companion

The RM3 & RM4
Your cat will immediately fall in love with this modern cat tree concept, crafted for him from over 26 years of dedicated cat furniture design:
  • Ergonomically designed & well-balanced.
  • Genuine 3/8"sisal rope scratching posts - RM3's pole is 24" (all sisal), & RM4's pole is 31" (top 19" is rope).
  • Spacious 16" condos (inside diam. 15"), carpeted in & out, suitable for larger breed cats.
  • Inviting, faux-fleece lined doorway & recessed, padded, & fleecy lid that comes off for easy cleaning.
  • Truly elegant, fleece-trimmed 16" observation nest for convenient lurking or loafing (mostly loafing).
  • Compact (but sensibly sized) 18"x 18" base.
  • Hand-picked, thick, rich, dense carpet.
  • Typically produced in earth tone - colored carpet ( for details, see: Carpet Choices ).
  • A lot of strong, steel connections in just the right places, making this piece truly rock-solid.
  • Minor assembly (10 min.) required.

The RM3 & RM4 are identical, except for the overall height.

The RM3 tops out at 27" and The RM4 is about 35"
Either of these designs will make a perfect window perch- very stable, naturally curvy, and easy to snooze on. They're also movable to facilitate housecleaning as well as access to your window. And they'll give your kitty a change of scenery when all of the action's moved to another window!


Top left: RM3


only $269
(plus shipping)

only $319
(plus shipping)

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$65 EAST of the Mississippi
WEST of the Mississippi: $95

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Model RM3 Two Level Condo & Nest: only $269.00


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Add catnip:
Add Cat Grass Kit?:

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Model RM4 Two Level Condo & Nest only $319.00


Add pillows?:
Add catnip (zipper bag)?
Add cat grass (3 plantings)?:

Add a fluffy pillow!

Only $29.99
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A versatile multi-level!



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