Model 2P
Two Level
Perch & Scratching Post

A low profile, versatile
Cat Hangout...
Big Fun in a Little Space!
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 The 2P : ONLY $239 (shipping included)

The 2P
  • Crafted for you from over 30 years of cat furniture design:
  • overall height about 30 inches,
  • ergonomically designed & well-balanced,
  • two (2) 17" long, soft perches,
  • rugged sisal rope scratch post (approx. 27"), top half wrapped with rugged 3/8" sisal rope,
  • generously sized, almost 1" thick, 18"x 18" base for ultimate stability,
  • thick, rich, dense carpet,
  • a lot of strong, steel connections,
  • comes fully assembled & ready to use,
  • Typically produced in earth tone - colored carpet ( for details, see: Carpet Choices ).

upside down's cool!Gateway always tries to share with Jasper, but he'll have to wait to get up here!
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Many cat owners have bought this piece as a window perch. It's really stable (your cat will return to it again & again), naturally curvy, and easy to snooze on. It's also movable to facilitate housecleaning as well as access to your window. And it lets kitty have a change of scenery when all of the action moves to another window.

Gateway demonstrates the proper way to lounge about on the 2P! Note his casual yet dignified technique. His 15 pound frame fits well on the compact perches, and he even has room to flop around and examine his world from many different angles! Jasper (12 pounds) will make his way to the top when Gateway gets hungry (that happens soon).

Model 2P: JUST $299 (shipping included)

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Model 2P Two Level Sisal Scratcher/ Window Perch ONLY $299 (shipping included)
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Price: $299.00

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