We are committed to not sending you unsolicited e-mails. Every customer is asked whether she would like to be on our mailing list. Otherwise, you get a maximum of three e-mails when you order from us, with the last one saying that your order has been shipped. If you've requested to be included in our rare e-mail promotions, but decide that you no longer want them, we have an "opt out" link on these e-mails. You can also request to be removed from the list at any time. Just contact us & say so.

We protect all information entrusted to us by our customers. We have no "partners" or divisions with whom we would share this information. We will never give or sell your e-mail address to another party. Further, we have no more than one person here who has access to your personal data. The only exceptions to this rule are (1)UPS and (2) our credit card processing company. While we don't give your e-mail to these people, UPS needs your name & address, and we try to include your phone number to help redirect errant shipments. Our merchant processing company obviously needs your credit card information in order to process your payment.

FYI: Yahoo! Mail has disposable e-mail addresses. It's the best part of the paid version. I feel that this feature alone is worth the $20/yr. that you would pay for the upgraded service. Disposable e-mail addresses give you excellent control over who can contact you. And if you find that someone is giving out one of your disposable e-mail addresses, you simply delete it.

Please make sure that any mail filters are set to allow e-mails from us. This applies to anyone who wishes to hear from this company

The first e-mail will be an (automated) reply from our shopping cart system will come from: Please add this to your approved e-mail senders list

The second and third and e-mail will come from the owner. Contact form replies also come from this address: Please add it to your approved e-mail senders list

If you want to deal with us by phone, contact us & say so. You'll receive a prompt & courteuos reply by phone. Otherwise, we won't call you at all, unless there is some problem that cannot be handled by e-mail (such as full e-mail inboxes, or other filters which prevent our e-mail from reaching you).

To review how we are doing our best not to spread viruses & such, see: INTERNET SECURITY THREAT  POLICY