Our most popular series of
rugged, basic sisal rope
cat scratchers...

Made to endure
serious scratching.
Replaceable sisal tops on all models

Big Deal

Model B35: ONLY $65.00
Nearly 3 feet tall
35" tall, with 19" base


Nearly 36" tall of rugged sisal post

Tall Deal

Model B48: ONLY $89.00
48" tall, w/ extra heavy 19" base
click here for detail photos

the "sasquach of sisal"
One tough 4' sisal scratcher
(click photo for larger image)

Giant Deal

Model B60: ONLY $135.00
FIVE feet tall
with massive 22" base

Scratch to the top of THIS!
Our tallest sisal scratcher
(click photo for larger image)


On Jaspervision , you'll see any discounts or other incentives relating to these models. Most are valid for very limited timeframes & are withdrawn without prior notice.

*Valid for the continental USA only, but buyers from other regions are free to inquire as to any special offers for international orders.

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"I couldn't be happier with the posts. They are extremely sturdy and after 5 minutes of being set in place, I had cats scratching [ POPULAR POSTS REDUCED THROUGH MONTH'S END] taller 48" post. Victor P, my large (16 lb) cat was the first to climb to the top and the post never wavered. Now that's Sturdy. Thanks for such a Great Product!"

-Timothy from Windermere, FL

Why do savvy cat furniture shoppers steer clear of national pet supply chain stores?
Here are 7 reasons: THEIR cat furniture & scratchers: ON SALE!

1) ...include narrow and/or short posts that are hard to scratch on AND/OR will not let your cat stretch, therefore increasing the chance that your cat will reject such an inadequate scratcher,

2) ...are made with puny bases that will increase tipping incidents, which will scare your cat away from using the inferior post,

3) ... are wrapped with narrow diameter sisal rope which will wear out more quickly, and is often wrapped loosely, also detracting from its usefulness and increasing the likelihood of premature product failure of the cheap cat post,

4) ...have often been handled by many people before you got there, stepped on, played with, and climbed on by well-meaning chidren, AND/OR walked on (or worse) by dogs accompanying their owners to the store, which, at the very least, will repel your cat from this used and dirty post,

5) ...are made with poor quality materials - especially the carpet, or no carpet at all & covered by a flimsy thin material, detracting from the already short product lifespan and overall apperance in your home,

6) ...have often already been used in another cat household and returned for these very reasons, exposing your cat to disease or fleas, AND/OR at the very least causing your cat to reject an inferior post with another cat's smell on it,

7) ... are often made in China. This is not a reason in and of itself not to buy it, but you may have reasons (safety concerns, quality concerns, saving US jobs, etc...) to purchase an American made product like ours. For the record, this company is happy to compete with the Chinese on a level playing field. And from a quality standpoint, we are convinced that our designs are superior to an imported product made primarily to ship easily in a container. Remember that if price is your overriding concern...

...you will pay more $$ in the long run when you have to replace the inferior cat gear (with more inferior cat gear?).
Proudly made in USA
This U.S. made Feline Design product features:
Proudly made in USA
  • Your choice: 35,48, and now 60 inches tall.
  • Replaceable tops (entire column on b24tr).
  • 16" base on b24.
  • 19" base on b35, & b48.
  • B48 base made with approx.1" thick material.
  • Massive & heavy 22" x 2.75" thick base on b60. See this.
  • Replacement parts for these posts can be purchased here.
  • 3/8" sisal rope. Tightly wrapped at high torque.
  • Tough steel connections in the right places.
  • Typically produced in earth tone - colored carpet ( for details, see: Carpet Choices ).
  • Free fleecy hanging toy.
  • Shipped with the base off.
  • Simple, 5-10 minute assembly (fasteners & tool supplied).
  • Right out of the box...emerges quality...the quality your cat deserves.
  • Replacement parts for these posts can be purchased here.

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Save BIG now. Double your post's life just by thinking AHEAD.
Add a spare sisal column for
AS LITTLE AS $24.00 (for the B35TR spare)
Spare sisal column:
B35TR Spare Sisal Top
only $27.00
B48TR Spare Sisal Top
only $38.00
B60TR Spare Sisal Top
only $44.00
**The B24TR has a one piece column, and does not have a separate sisal portion like the other posts.
Complete post plus a spare sisal column:
B35TR + Spare Sisal Top
only $92.00
B48TR + Spare Sisal Top
only $127.00
B60TR + Spare Sisal Top
only $179.00

When you order your spare with the original post, we pay the additional shipping costs.

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What Mr. Big Taught Me About Scratching

Mr. Big was my most troublesome cat ever. He was probably more feral than tame when he showed up in our back yard. But he was always getting into fights and getting beat up, so we took him inside for good, along with the rest of our herd.

This animal loved to scratch our sofas and chairs. And the poor cat had been frightened to death by something (or someone) before he came to us, so it was really hard to bring ourselves to discipline him too harshly. After all, he is just a little cat (why we called him Mr. Big is another story) . And he meant no harm. A new strategy was in order, one that we applied to all of our feline companions.

So, as I started up my cat furniture company, and began testing models of scratchers in my own home, I learned a few things by trial and error. Here you will find some of the things that Mr. Big taught me:

How to Get Your Cat to Use a Scratcher

1) LOCATION: Place scratchers where your cat scratches. Also, consider putting them between rooms, at high cat traffic areas. I am not saying anything about a cat's IQ, but it seems that my cats have always liked the surprise of seeing something tasty to scratch each time they've entered a room. It's really not a reflection on a cat's intelligence. I just think he'll be happy to put this in his routine if you can make it easy for him to come upon a well-placed scratcher.

I don't need to tell you that your cats want to be near you when you are sitting and relaxing (so here I am telling you..heh, heh, heh). Make sure a post is convenient to these places (where you like to relax) . Think in terms of more than one post (just like you have more than one chair!). Yes, big surprise....we suggest you purchase more than one scratcher in most cases.

2) INTRODUCE & PLAY : The following method will seem remarkably simple & obvious. But if you think about it from a cat's point of view, it is bound to produce the desired result of helping your kitty discover her scratcher on her own terms.

I will briefly tell you what did NOT work with Mr. Big, or with any other cat we've come across over the years, and that is MAKING the cat go through the act of scratching the post. If you think about it for a moment, you'll agree that a cat must resist this to retain his dignity and his independence ( and to frustrate and annoy you, you big bully! ). So, forget about putting his paws on the post and pretending with him that he's scratching. It's just too heavy-handed for most cats, and will usually fail to produce the desired result. Plus, it's a good way to wind up bleeding.

Instead of bleeding, get a magazine so you can sit and read while you do this next step. Also get a long piece of string (about a yard or so) . So, even before the cat comes in the room, drape the string over the length of the post, and just hang on to your end. Now sit next to the scratcher, and patiently wait for your cat to come in the room. Sit very naturally, and do not appear interested in the post, the cat, or the string. In fact just be very quiet and still, kind of like you're dead - except you're not really dead. When your cat comes to investigate your (fake) death, use the string to attract your cat to the post. Do this by very slowly dragging it up the post to the very top. You can do this very smoothly by "reeling" in the string around your index fingers. It's even possible to fool your cat into thinking that the string is alive - and therefore some slithery little prey that needs to be hunted down (or "hunted up" in this case). As the cat notices the string's ascent up the pole, stop it for a moment, and then restart it. I find that many cats will just climb right up the post after the string. Once that's happened, the die is cast (as opposed to the cast being dead). Your cat has found the best place to scratch all on his own. Well, not really... but it'll be our little secret!

Truly, your cat knows that you've participated in this little hoax. But he also knows that your did this with him, and you didn't make him scratch there. You helped him see where to scratch, and you also spent some quality time with him. There was no yelling, no punishment, no forcing of any kind, and best of all, no frustration. It was a piece of cake!

Your cat likes to play, and will appreciate the attention. And you could use a little playtime with your cat, too. Enjoy it! Cats are really good at playing! Maybe you are too serious to play? Oh I don't think so... heh, heh, heh... Just give in to your inner cat.

A note to the reluctant cat-owning member of the family: Maybe you're not totally invested in this critter. I get that all the time & believe me, I do understand. It took me forever to finally admit that I owned Mr. Big. But when you succeed in getting your (wife's?) cat to use this scratcher, you will have accomplished something really positive. And you'll feel good about it).

3) PRAISE: Praise your cat for using the post. Make happy, friendly sounds to encourage your cat. If your cat has a favorite treat, you can even reward him when he scratches.  A little tender scratch behind his ears and a loving stroke is always a nice reward, too. If only WE could get this kind of encouragement when we do positive things!

It really is just that simple, folks. Your cat obviously WANTS to scratch, and he will prefer a great scratch post to anything else. Give this a try, OK? When it works for you, pass it along to someone else who needs a little help. And by all means, let us know if we've helped you solve this common cat problem.

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ORDER a bag of Catnip, Cat Grass Kits, or Catnip Toys NOW
Buy with any cat furniture item & PAY NO ADDED SHIPPING
it creeps UP on ya!
Treat your critter to some very potent,
Organic Ratherbee Catnip-
(about a half ounce)
(25 generous pinches) in a zipper bag
1 bag:only $2.99
Ratherbee Catnip Cigars
(see all our catnip toys)

Drool on 'em - just like your other cigars!

"hand one out TODAY"

Gateway grazing
complete CAT GRASS KIT

Seeds for 3 crops, growing container, & easy instructions. You can even harvest each planting twice.
Ready to munch in 7-10 days!!
1 complete kit: only $7.99

Fun Pennsylvania-made catnip toys!

Make your kitty silly
Free shipping on all kitty toys
when you buy with any cat furniture

claw here. no fear.

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B35tr - 35" Sisal Rope scratcher: only $65.00

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B48tr - 48" Sisal Rope scratcher: only $89.00

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Cat grass?:

B60tr - 60" Sisal Rope scratcher: only $135.00

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Cat grass?:




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