Model B48TR
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A word about these cats: We feature our adult cats here to show that our product is made to be aggressively used by bigger cats, & not just kittens. Base size is a key factor here. To provide complete stability while maintaining a reasonable footprint in your home, our 19" base is approx. 1" thick & heavy . Please compare ours with other vendor's bases, & think about stability as you consider your purchase. As you know, a cat will not use a scratching post that tips over.

Gateway goes through his pre-launch checklist

I am just a little fearful for my poor old piano, here.

Jasper finds the hanging toy & prepares to remove it
(or so he thinks)

NOTE: Gateway, 15 pounds, & Jasper, 12 pounds, are adult cats (with a lot of kitten in them).

Does Jasper's head look
weird here? I think so.

"That's one small step for a kitty. A giant leap to some breakable object!" (and still I feed these guys).

"A giant pole lets me do a lot more interesting things!!" -G.W

More views:

a huge sisal scratcher!

Overall diameter at least 4.25 inches

2 strong steel connectors supplied
(handy tool included)

Some satisfied humans said:
"Wow! Tigger loves it. We couldn't figure out why she was still scratching our furniture with the smaller scratching posts around the house. Then we thought...let's check Ebay to see if there is anything better she might use. She loves to stretch on this never occured to me she was too tall for the others...When she scratches, she reaches 3/4 of the way wonder she wasn't using those small scratching posts...Thanks very much! " -James (Charlottesville, VA)
"FastShippingAsAdvertisedGreatPrice...A+" - karen (smithtown, NY)
"... this is the best cat scratcher ive ever owned..." -Jill (gold canyon, az.)
"A second thank you: my cats love your scratching post, they have never taken to a new item as rapidly.
My new sofa is safe, my cats are happy....." -Patrice (Brooklyn, NY)
"Very fast shipping, my cats love it!" -Brenda (Iron, MN)
"...extremely happy with item, works beautifully!" -caroline (somers point, nj)
"Sturdy, expertly constructed, well packaged, top quality..." -cynthia (NYC)
"100% worth the money!!! Better than expected..." -Michelle (Easton, NY)