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Frank Bonnevier,
Built Environment Analyst



Stryker Brigade

PA Dept. of General Services

Elizabethtown, PA (USA)

L.S.C. Architects

Date: July, 2009

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Stryker Brigade
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Very aggressive building renovation and new construction projects. Owned by the State of PA, and partially funded by the Federal Government, these new facilities were destined to serve the PA National Guard for deployment and return of our soldiers fighting in the Midddle East.

Projects included conceptual to final construction docs in less than 2 months with construction on the heel of required building permits. This was a virgin site. Thus all infrastructure had to be coordinated, and existing facilties had to be upgraded to meet the demands of a building required to go from 0-60 in about 24 hours.

Excellent example of close relationships of all disciplines and the desire to meet government standards to provide the client with minimal disruption during the process.





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