What I will do for you

I typically look at least 10-20 years into the future of my client's project, keeping project & team goals in view while focusing on the rapidly changing HVAC landscape (technology & regulatory, for example). Some examples of my focus are:

1) Indoor air quality,
2) Tight building envelope,
3) Plant and building integration & facilities assessments,
4) Looking in your own dumpster to see what's being discarded (common sense approach).

I'll integrate multiple requests for capital planning, design and maintenaince into a coherent strategy.

I'll initiate modifications to the existing plant facilities to integrate existing thermal sources within the facility.

Tax credit exemption is one of the benefits of my integrated production operation approach.

My emphasis is on creative solutions which don't rely on historical applications, but rather which present themselves out of the project at hand. Often, the most elegant application of HVAC is an integration of all of the above. I take pride in providing this integration.