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High quality cat furniture, cat trees, cat houses, cat condos, cat scratching posts. Unmatched craftsmanship direct from the manufacturer. Cat trees with sisal and carpet, carefully and lovingly created one piece at a time. Contemporary and stylish cat furniture, cat trees, cat perches, cat scratching posts and multi use play and exercise pieces. Elegant cat furniture with large bases, strong connections, and quality materials, handmade with two decades of experience and attention to the smallest detail. Made FOR YOU, packed tenderly in a heavy-duty box, and cushioned with clean handfuls of paper - not yanked off a dusty pallet and mercilessly stretch wrapped in plastic and shoved onto the loading dock. Your CAT will sleep on this, for pity's sake! You are invited into our virtual showroom to get a close look at our exclusive offerings, see our well-outfitted cats, and perhaps to make a purchase that will delight your feline companion and satisfy your high standards.

1) This company is owned and operated totally in the USA, and employing American labor!

2) We are not a superstore, and you will not find our products in any huge nationwide chain of retail stores. (More about this policy.)

3)We use the BEST materials! Strong steel fasteners applied with industrial tools:

4) We buy the THICKEST possible carpet for you.

 5) If you want tightly wrapped sisal rope posts, you came to the right place! We wrap miles and miles of sisal rope each year! And it is 3/8" Brazilian or Mexican sisal rope, which will last longer than the skinny rope found on a lot of other cat furniture....

....and you will find that our posts are painstakingly wrapped and secured, so that your cat will get the scratching pleasure she deserves!


WE STAND BY -and sometimes ON - our products. They are built to last YEARS...


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