Internet Security Statement: 

Feline Design's computers are protected by Avast Antivirus. All incoming e-mail is examined at the mail server level and flagged and deleted before it even gets to our computer if it appears to present a threat. All outgoing e-mail is also sent only after being screened by the Avast Antivirus software. In addition, Feline Design's e-mail is usually sent in text-only form, unless we need to suggest links to somewhere on our web site. If we need to show you an image of something we are discussing with you, there may be a .jpg image attached. We have no reason to attach any other type of file. Our system is scanned regularly and our security programs are updated on an ongoing basis. We respectfully suggest to you that you can avoid becoming infected if you are running a good anti-virus utility at all times.

If you receive an e-mail which is apparently from us, and which you think may be infected, do not open it. If the e-mail contains a harmful program, please rest assured that it did not come from us (unwittingly of otherwise). Even if the "from" part of the e-mail looks like it was from our domain, the worm may have simply forged the "from" address.

Scanning Your Computer for Infections

There are several reputable computer security companies who offer FREE VIRUS SCANNING. These are online utilities which will detect a virus or a worm if it exists on your machine, and some will even remove it from your system. Feline Design takes no responsibility for the success or failure of these programs. However, we feel that if you perform a screen for the latest infections, either you will end up free of the virus or worm, or will discover that you are not infected.

Symantec (, the publishers of Norton Antivirus, has what is probably the most complete catalog of the current internet threats, as well as detailed instructions on how to detect and remove them. This is not easy reading, to put it mildly. So, do not go there after a long hard day at work. Many people and businesses find solutions to their computer woes there, and there is a lot on that site that you can learn and apply that will cost you only the time that you are willing to invest.

Our internet host company suggests that if one suspects a malicious program may have infected their computer, they may wish to go here (

Another outfit which offers free virus scans is Computer Associates. To scan your system using their program, click here (

If you have any questions about internet security as it pertains to our communications with you, please contact us with your concerns.