Online Vendors

Thank you for your interest in our line of high end cat products. We receive many contacts from online merchants. Because our line is so labor-intensive, the supply of this product is limited. But we still have some capacity for your purposes and we certainly welcome your inquiries.

Here is our firm policy concerning reselling our products:

1) You must be a merchant who sells pet products as your main product offering. It would help if you also had a physical storefront. If you are a huge direct response mass marketer, please go to Wal-Mart and look at the mass-produced cat furniture they sell. Those manufacturers are better suited to your operation than we are. We have largely ruled out selling truckoads of crappy cat furniture to people, mostly because it would not be very much fun.
2) We require that you buy the product from us at the time of the order. We take mastercard/visa. We do not offer other payment terms.
3) We can drop ship to your customer in 2 weeks or less during the first 9 months of the year. From October through December, the turnaround can be up to four weeks.
4) You receive 10% discount off of the total shipped price. Really not bad, considering that you do not have to handle the product.
5) Returns are strictly subject to our guarantee policy (subject to local regulations).
6) Upon approval by you and us, we can provide certain of our products to your customers. Our full line is not available for resale, but we have a respectable selection for you to choose from. 

If what you have read here interests you, please close this window and use the contact form. Please indicate in your message that these terms are acceptable to you. We will contact you without delay to see how we may benefit each other.