Super Deluxe GM22

22" Sisal Post

with furry toy

Great for all average-sized cats!
For everyday scratching:
  • A sturdy scratching post that will last and last, even under heavy scratching pressure from average-sized cats, as well as kittens discovering their new claws.
  • Authentic, long-lasting 3/8"Brazilian or Mexican sisal rope (many other posts are made with a slim 1/4" rope).
  • A lot of strong, steel connections in the right places.
  • A great starter post that your cat can grow up with.
  • A full 22 inches tall.
  • Produced in earth tones.
    ( for details, see: Carpet Choices ).
  • Stable 12" base, made with heavy-duty panel.
  • Faux fur hanging toy on a strong cord for hours of play and to encourage healthy scratching.

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Fun fleecy TOY included FREE!
(click any photo to enlarge)
Encourages kitty to scratch & play!


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GM22 Sisal Scratching Post with furry hanging toy

Above: Super Deluxe GM22
22" Genuine Brazilian
sisal rope scratching post
with free furry hanging toy!

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  • TEN SECOND ASSEMBLY! Just attach the base with the supplied fastener, and start scratching!
    (no additional tools or hardware needed)
  • LOW FLAT RATE SHIPPING to any point in the continental USA!

ONLY  $42.00

+ $29 shipping in continental USA
We ship to other places. contact us, OK?

**This sale will end without notice.

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Oh, so you want it taller, huh?

OWe got taller!

We've got way taller.

it creeps UP on ya!
Treat your critter to some very potent,
Organic Ratherbee Catnip-
(about a half ounce)
(25 generous pinches) in a zipper bag
1 bag:
only $2.99

ADD some
Catnip, Cat Grass Kits, or Catnip Toys NOW

Buy with any cat furniture item, and  PAY NO ADDED SHIPPING

Gateway grazing
complete CAT GRASS KIT

Seeds for 3 crops, growing container,
& easy instructions!
You can even harvest each planting twice!!
Ready to munch in 7-10 days!!
1 complete kit: only $7.99

Add some great catnip toys now!

Fun Pennsylvania-made catnip toys!

No additional shipping charges when added to your cat scratcher purchase.

DROOL on 'em - just like REAL cigars!

Catnip CIGARS...
"hand one out TODAY!"

Save BIG NOW! Double your post's life just by thinking AHEAD!

The spare is identical to the sisal portion of your original post & fitted precisely to it, except it does not include a base.
When the original sisal post is spent, you simply spin off the old post & spin on the replacement.

When you order your spare with the original post, we pay the additional shipping costs!

visa and  mastercard accepted...Checks also!
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after you enter the quantity and click "add to 'cart".

visa and  mastercard accepted...Checks also!


GM22 - 22" round sisal post w/ furry toy
only $42 (plus $29 shipping (flat rate for continental US)
Spare post?:
Cat grass?:

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GM22 - 22" round sisal post w/ furry toy - TWO PACK
only $75 (plus $29 shipping (flat rate for continental US)
Spare post?:
Cat grass?:

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