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Q:What are we?
A: A very small company which has made cat furniture for over 26 years. 

Q: Where are we?
A: Chester County, Pennsylvania - between Philadelphia and Amish country.

Q: How long does it take to make one of those things?
A: Over 26 years. And the owner's hands finish each piece and inspect for quality.

Q: What makes your products better?
A: We manufacture primarily as orders are received. Your order is made FOR YOU. It is made slowly and with LOVE - like a great meal! In fact, Tommy, the owner, does a good bit of the cooking.

Also, on taller models with beds and platforms, we use tubes that have at least a 3/8" wall. This is at least 133% of the thickness of Armarkat (click to compare). This other supplier also uses PLASTIC PLUGS on the tubes. We use ONE  & ONE HALF INCH THICK pine wood plugs in our tubes. Be very careful about the materials that your supplier uses. 

Q: I suppose you have a lot of cats, huh?A: Yeah. If 2 is a lot. Cheer up, you'll be down to 2 one day, too. Seriously, Feline Design has always appreciated the multi-cat household.

Q: How big is the base on that thing?
A: Big. Big enough that it makes SENSE. Just look at the little bitty bases on some of the stuff in the warehouse store!

Also, we use either plywood or OSB board. Much of the cat furniture sold nationwide uses particle board, a brown panel with no grain or layers of any type. This material is prone to breaking. And you will not be able to patch it up once it is broken.

Here is the moral of the story: If it is cheap to buy, it must be cheap quality, as well.

A Comparison

The actual maker of the cat furniture?
not always. Many are middlemen
Written Guarantee
Yes. 90 days
Years in business?
who can say?
Shipping Container?

double wall**

take your chances
We choose the thickest, plushest we can find. And the colors are fresh and COMMITTED* (even the beiges!).
Superstores often have hideous (is that word strong enough?) and/or washed-out colors and very skimpy carpet. Some manufacturers don't even use carpet.
(on models
with beds & platforms)
click here to  compare
Click for a side-by-side comparison of our tube vs. a leading Chinese imported brand
Who ackowledges my order?
Tommy, the owner
You can bet it's not the owner
Do you really appreciate my business?

Your order is crucial to our survival. We want your business, and will strive to deserve your return business. You will see a level of appreciation that means business.

Yes, they do. And their whole family back home in Asia does, too.
* committed, as in "not just kind of blue!"

**EXCEPTIONS: the Flying Tee and our horizontal scratchers are often wrapped in heavy-duty plastic.

Q: How do I know I will like the color you send?
A: Although we offer a limited choice of colors, each specific roll of carpet is


by the owner. We do not pretend to know your individual tastes, but we do our best to send you something we would have in our own house. If you really prefer a burgundy or a black, let us know. Here is an additional statement about our Carpet Colors & Quality

Q: I 'm looking for something that you are not offering here. What else do you make?
A: After 26 years, LOTS of other stuff. What is it that you want? Please give a little detail.

 Q: Why does your stuff cost more than the pet superstore's prices?
A: It doesn't necessarily cost more, but as a huge buyer, they need to purchase a mass-produced line of cat furniture. A recent survey at the major chains revealed that about 70% of the cat furniture there is made in China or Mexico. Even though this labor is cheap, there is still a lot of freight cost involved in the cat products on the shelves of the superstores. And if you compare quality and design, we feel that you will want to buy from us. If you want cheap, it will always be available. Otherwise, why would Wal-Mart be doing so well?

Learn why some people do not buy their cat furniture from the national chains


Q: Will I be glad I bought from you?
A: No. Your CAT will.

Q: You call this "boiled down?
A: Sheesh! I guess not!

Q (bonus question): Where is my blue sock that I've been missing?
A: Behind the dryer.

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