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Model b24

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2) Insert the bolt through the center hole of the base.

3) Pick up the post, and continue inserting the bolt GENTLY through the base, and into the center hole of the post. Note: Do not force the bolt through the hole. When the bolt stops, it has met the nut. Gently turn the bolt with your finger. If it does not easily thread into the nut, turn it counter-clockwise and try it again. You may have to do this 2 or 3 times before the bolt threads into the nut. Turn the bolt as far as possible with your fingers.

4) Engage the hex key assembly tool in the center of the bolt, and tighten the bolt just until it stops. When it is tight enough, you should not be able to spin the post on the base.

Note: do not tighten too much. This is only a wood product, and overtightening it will crush or break the area around the hole of the base.

The finished post should appear as at right.

Your cat should appear shortly.

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