Model SW3, 30 inch
Straight, heavy-duty
Sisal Weave Scratching Post
With heavy 19" base.


proudly made in the USA


   "Is your cat a BRUTE? Well, you are in the right place....."

The SW3...

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 30" heavy duty sisal weave scratching post w/ reinforced base...Umatched strength and durability

"Dear Tom, As you can see our cats, nine of the ten pictured here enjoy the post. They climb on it all the time..but this was a particularly exciting day and all our little mudgies are dope heads and were also enjoying a  toke on catnip...."

- Mimi and Fred
(repeat customers from State College, PA)

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Also available wrapped with Brazilian Sisal Rope.

Product Details:

  • Elegant and functional design(See detail photos).
  • Post covered in rugged, long-lasting sisal weave (neutral color), staples concealed in core's center.
  • HUGE, REINFORCED 19" base made from 5/8" thick panel, FOR TOTAL STABILITY.
  • In addition, there is a strong extra layer of wood at center of base, BLOWING ALL OTHERS' BASES AWAY! (defies comparison to other leading brands).
  • Finished in high quality beige, green, or blue carpet.
    (for details, see: Carpet Choices).
  • Easy assembly - Shipped with base off.4 steel bolts & tool supplied.
  • No other tools needed
  • Assembled in less than 10 minutes using easy setup instructions (written in clear, plain English).
  • Matching spare column available with no added shipping costs if purchased now.
  • Also available wrapped with Brazilian Sisal Rope. 
  • Total quality that lasts - the quality your cat deserves! Don't settle for less!
A truly rugged scratching post designed to endure heavy clawing for years!
only $189 or 2 for only $328 (Save $50!)
Save by thinking ahead! - Get a  replacement upright portion, or column, now for
only $95.00
(replacement columns not sold separately)

ORDER a bag of Catnip, Cat Grass Kits, or Catnip Toys NOW!
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it creeps UP on ya!
Very Potent, Organic
Ratherbee Catnip
-about a half ounce-
(25 generous pinches)
in a zipper bag
1 bag:only $2.99
Now offering Ratherbee
Catnip Cigars!!

(see all our catnip toys)


Enough seeds for 3 plantings,
growing container, & easy
instructions! You can harvest
each planting twice!!
Ready to munch in 7-10 days!!
only $7.99

visa and  mastercard accepted...Checks also!
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SW3 Straight, heavy duty reinforced 30" sisal weave scratching post: ONLY $189.00
SAVE NOW by adding a matching spare column for only $95.00 with no added shipping (columns not sold separately).
If ordering two complete posts for $328, please find the SW3 TWO-PACK and order that.

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Color Choice #3:

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Add Premium Catnip (.5 oz. zip bag)?:
Add cat grass kit?:

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2- Pack (SAVE $49!) - TWO (2) SW3 heavy duty reinforced 30" sisal weave scratching posts: ONLY $328
SAVE EVEN MORE NOW by adding spare columns with no added shipping costs
(columns not sold separately).

Color Choice #1:
Color Choice #2:
Color Choice #3:

Add spare columns?:

Add Premium Catnip (.5 oz. zip bag)?:
Add Cat Grass Kit?:

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