Successful Restoration

of Joanne's hand-made cat tree

Sherlock the cat
enjoys Joannes's vision of
refreshing his cat tree!

Here is Joanne's restored cat tree. We supplied her with one of our curved perches. The "before" photo showed that Sherlock's perch was seriously drooping!
(click either photo for larger image)

"We received the perch today and it’s perfect. Plus the box is a plus...Since we have 7 cats and 7 cat trees, I’m sure I may be contacting your company again for parts!"

"We finished adding your perch to the top, redoing the sisal rope, and redoing the carpet. I don’t know if I told you that this is for Sherlock, our outside former feral who lives in a large catio in our backyard. He lets us pet him now, but is way too wild to bring inside with our other cats. He’s neutered and vaccinated. We have neighbors who hate feral cats and so for his safety, we built this for him...We take the cat tree out at sign of rain and store it on the porch. However, we seldom get rain, so he uses it most of the time. "

(After Joanne saw Sherlock featured here:)" I just checked it out and I love it! I can’t wait to show my husband. He hates buying new, usually more cheaply made products, so refurbishing this tree was well worth the work. Thank you again, and we wish you continued success with your business." -Joanne (Lubbock, TX)