What's in a Name?

Name: Ickl (continued)

Location: Bloomington, IN (USA)

Story: "...Anyway - we felt that Ickl was a nice play on IK and the fact that he is sort of ickl-pretty....We've had cats before and while I'd thought about the cat tree ... I never actually built it. There was extra motivation now, tho, since, while accompanying me hiking for my nature photography, our dogs have learned to kill things with dispatch. Since when Ian rescued Ickl he was a toy for a violent pit bull he (Ickl) had learned to fight rather than run. We figure it may take 6 months to get to the point where we can leave the dogs and Ickl unattended, and in the meantime I wanted to make sure he had a safe high place to get to.." (see Ickl in his safe place)