From the Owner

Lately, as I've gone about my business as an ordinary consumer, I was struck by the lack of simple courtesy and the absence of any recognition of me as a human being - by someone else who is human!.

Let me handle the simple courtesy thing first: I was raised to say "thank you" and "sorry" and even "hello" when these simple words were called for. So you should expect to hear simple couresties from me, and from this company. If not, my mom and dad are still alive, and I'll be sure and pass along any messages to them about how their son is doing

Thanks for your business! That is a simple phrase that you need to hear when you decide to part with your hard-earned money. Is that too much to ask?

And when you, a REAL PERSON, place an order with my company, could you be so bold as to expect a PERSONAL REPLY from me, (tommy)? I would think that is entirely appropriate.

So, here's my simple message to you: If you don't feel like you are being dealt with by a human being, as opposed to a computer, please let me know. OK?