Reducing Electrical Risk to Your Cat At Christmas (How to Prevent a Fried Cat)

Polyposthumous refers to a cat who has entered lives 3 through 9. I can also speak of a dead cat polyposthumously, and often do. The ones to the right were almost certainly not polyposthumous. Although I have been heard offering to make them so. Frequently, I tell Jasper (fearlessly defending the seltzer from Gateway) that he is about to be made into a hat. As a hat, he would also be made polyposthumous. A moment ago, I had a little discussion with Jasper about chewing on the Christmas tree lights. I alerted him to the fact that he can become very polyposthumous that way. But then, I would have a new hat. So I would have THAT going for me....

future hats

...anyway, in the interest of a peaceful Christmas for you and your vet, and your maniac cat, we bring you advice from cat owners who have visited our site. They have been offering clever and practical advice for heading off the ultimate Christmas disaster for your feline companion.

This page will be updated as we get entries that should be shared.

Suggestion #1

"Bring all of your Christmas Tree light ends together at the trunk of the tree. Tie or tape them together, making sure they won't drop into the reservoir at the bottom, if you have one. On the lower wires draped on the tree, liberally dab Tabasco Sauce. Also, give those low-hanging ornaments a little taste of that flavor, especially if they look like a cat would be chewing on them." -anotherfrigginelfalias (PA)

Suggestion #2)

"1. Remove lights from tree. 2. Place lights in box. 3. Place box on highest top shelf in closet. 4. Close door firmly. Use bungee cord if necessary. :o) " -a very private Liz (location undisclosed, she is portraying herself as a woman somewhere in the US. So far she has a 50% chance)


Come on, people. Please take a moment and help out, here. You might save a cat's life.



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