MLB (rope posts): $269
Now Only $199

MLB-c (all carpeted): $199
Now Only $149

Featuring: Rope or carpet covered scratch posts, measuring 48, 30, and 19 inches, three curved perches, & heavy, 24x24 in. base

Note: Special pricing is in effect for this festival.
Local delivery later today is available for $25.


To purchase:

See Tommy (in the Hawaiian shirt).
I am most likely in the courtyard.
Or call 610-620-3018, and I'll find you.

CG3 $385

Featuring: 16 x 12 in. tubular condo, twin 16 in. crow's nests, genuine Brazilian sisal scratch posts, measuring 48 & 30 inches, 24 x 24 in. base, and faux fleece accents.