Just in Time for Holiday Giving...

...but for a limited time, so hurry!

Dear Valued Feline Design Patron,

(Note: This special offer is only open to those who have purchased from Feline Design up to and including 11/20/2011.)

Well, I said I'd try to come up with one last promotion to close out Feline Design's 25th year extravaganza... So here it is.

First of all, for anyone who currently has orders which haven't been shipped, this also applies to you (unless you've been given some special package deal already). So, just make sure you get on this. If we don't contact you about this, please get in touch with me and I'll make every effort to include you. However, these discounts don't apply to special orders (custom jobs).

This will be my last reward of 2011 to the good folks who've put food on our table through the years.

And let me say it once again to you now: THANK YOU!

t westerhold
owner, feline design


If you can get your order in by the end of the day on BLACK FRIDAY (November 25, 2011), you will be eligible to receive the following discounts:

On any order up to $100, I will deduct 15% from the total shipped price. On orders over $100 I'll deduct 15% from the total shipped price or 50% of your shipping charges (whichever is greater). Any order over $500 will receive free shipping. This includes bulk rope, but I need to reserve the right to limit bulk rope purchases.

I will need to get your order no later than the day after Thanksgiving (black friday) because I expect some sizeable wholesale orders (from my dealers) to be dominating the production in my little shop for the rest of the year. Your shipping turnaround could be up to three weeks, just so you know. However, if you are giving our products to a cat lover for Christmas (or to your own cherished feline companions) , I'll make sure that it arrives by at least December 23, at the latest. My trusty package carrier, UPS, guarantees the arrival day on its ground shipments, and I can't remember them ever failing to deliver on time.

Rope purchases may experience a slight delay, depending upon how many people order rope. I will advise you of any such delay when I confirm your order.

Orders which need to be shipped outside the continental US will be discounted, as well, but only up to the farthest shipping zone on any product. So, if you're in Canada, Spain, or Japan, you can expect to get shipping discounts off of the rates for California, Oregon, Arizona, etc... (see the drop-down menu for the farthest zone on any product page)

I may have shown some of you my other "sister" web sites,

https://www.flerper.com with my largest pieces (not available everywhere).

as well as my consumer catalog that my stores use to show to their customers (no pricing on it, so feel free to ask prices on anything that looks like you may be interested in getting).

https://www.felinedesign.net/cons/cover/cover.htm .

You can see pretty much the full array of Feline Design's offerings by taking the time to look at these web sites.

I will do what I can to get you anything you want, but be aware that some of these "ready to use" trees (such as the MLB, CG3, and CC) are just not ship-able through UPS (the one carrier I trust to handle my work). If you could only stand in the middle of a Fedex terminal like I have (when I briefly worked there as a casual laborer), you'd know that you don't want your fully assembled Feline Design product to go through there. It may not be fully assembled after that ride. So I put my trust in the men and women in brown (UPS) to move my work from here to there in one piece. Sadly, the UPS rates on some of my largest multi-levels are way too high, in most cases. But feel free to inquire anyway. Who knows what can be arranged?

If you are buying our products for someone else, you'll need to place a separate order for each household, and select the correct shipping zone for them, but I'll make sure to combine the total for you so that you get your discount.

Please just place your order at normal prices. My shopping cart does not allow for multiple types of discounts. Just mention during the checkout process (there is a place to enter your own remarks) that you're responding to this offer. You only need to type in "Black Friday". If a product is on sale already, I will first try discounting the regular shipped price, and will give you whichever is the better deal.

Once again, I want thank everyone who has bought from our little shop through the years. US-made means something to you, and this is a quality that I cherish, as well.

This is most likely the last comprehensive, site-wide sale of Feline Design products until 2016, our 30th year. I hope you'll take advantage of it and give something nice to your trusty companion or to a cat lover on your gift list.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season & for a safe and happy new year,


-tommy (& mrs. catman and our own cats, jasper and gateway)
t westerhold
owner, feline design cat furniture
downingtown, pa
united states of america (where some things are still made)



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