2016 Consumer Catalog
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Level 1: Ground floor condo with inside diameter of approx. 14" and height of 12". Level 2: Recessed bed on top of condo. Level 3: Curved perch 16" long.  Level 4: 10" circular perch on a scratching post wrapped  on top with genuine 3/8" Brazilian sisal rope.
Overall height about 35".



Same as above, except without the curved perch, and adding a circular nest, with an inside diameter of approximately 14".  Fleecy inserts for added comfort.
Overall height about 39".



Four level sisal rope cat tree. Wrapped in genuine 3/8" Brazilian sisal rope, and sporting a generous, extra-heavy  19" base plus three additional 12" levels.Recommended for corners. Collapsable for easy shipment or transport.
Overall height about 58".




Three level sisal rope cat tree, similar to above.
Overall height about 40".