Cobweb (continued)

... This is a business section of town, with the bridge spanning an incredibly busy 8-lane highway, with no condos or apartments in sight.  I figured that someone must have dropped the kitten off to die.  Of course, I couldn't leave him, so I reached down to pick him up.  He had crouched behind the steel steps of the bridge, but when I reached out to him, he gladly came to me.  He was wet, with cobwebs all over his body... especially his ears, face and whiskers.  He was so tiny... no bigger than my hand... but he turned his purr-box on "loud" immediately when I picked him up.     

I was staying at the Convention Center hotel that night, but had not yet registered...As I entered the hotel, I noticed several signs proclaiming the hotel's strict NO PET policy....(more...)