Thank you very much for placing your confidence in Feline Design. You'll soon see that your selection was a wise one, and your cat(s) will thank you for bringing one of our products into their domain. Here is an explanation of how your order will be processed by Feline Design:

If you are here, it is most likely because your order has been successfully received by our secure shopping cart system. Usually, we e-mail a second confirmation within about 24 hours, indicating that a human being has received and logged in your order. That personal confirmation will come from the owner. Please be advised that between the dates of 9/24/15 and 9/28/15, our workshop will be closed. This will not affect when your order will be shipped, but your personal confirmation will be delayed.

Please be looking for an e-mail from::

tommy (at)

If you don't receive this second confirmation, please let us know. For this, use the "contact us" button at the entrance to our website, or click here.

If you find that a promised reduction or bonus was not applied, it's most likely because we need to do this manualy after a human being receives your order. Any purchase with published sale prices should and usually does apply the discounted price automatically. The exception to this would be shipping reductions that are achieved through combining multiple items in one package. This doesn't always result in a lower shipping cost, but it often does. We will refund any excess shipping paid up front just as soon as the final shipping cost is known. If you feel that you are owed such a refund and did not receive it, by all means contact us using the e-mail address shown above, or click on the "contact us" link on our website, or click here..

Did you choose the right shipping zone for your state?
TO AVOID DELAYS IN RECEIVING YOUR PURCHASE: Please review your shipping zone. Orders submitted with shipping zones which do not include the state shown in the shipping address cannot be processed. We will not automatically correct such orders for you. Such orders will only result in a delay in processing or cancellation altogether. If you find that you did not select your correct shipping zone from the drop-down menu, please get in touch with us: click here.. Just alert us to this mistake and indicate that you approve the additional charges necessary to get your purchase all the way to you.

Is there a question concerning an item's price?
If a price on the web page does not agree with the price shown to you at the checkout, or with the price for that item shown elsewhere on the same page, we've made a mistake somewhere. We could use your help in making things consistent, and appreciate it when it is called to our attention. We can't guarantee you that we'll sell you the item for the price with the decimal point misplaced, but we will sell you the item for a fair price.

Are you ordering by mail?
If you are using our offline order blank, and plan to send us your order by mail, we also suggest that you contact us to let us know that you've sent your order by mail. We will keep an eye out for your order. We rarely receive mail-in orders, so our P.O.B. is checked infrequently. Your order will be processed faster if you let us know to expect it.

When will your order be shipped?
Approximate shipping timeframes are: 1 week for greens and all toys. 2 weeks for bulk rope ( see the rope page for any updates, which are frequently uploaded to that page ), 2 weeks for most cat furniture and scratching posts, as well as wrapped posts w/hardware. During the last 3 months of the year, our turnaround may be slightly longer on cat furniture. If that will be the case, we'll tell you. Since our first e-mail to you is an automatically-generated confirmation, it does not account for out-of-stock status of a particular product or one of its components. You will be advised promptly of such a condition, and we will try our best to suggest a suitable alternative or the estimated replenishment date of that item. A more complete shipping policy can be found on our shipping policies page. Please go there for answers to specific shipping questions.

Thanks for choosing us to outfit your cat!