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Is kitty ignoring that pathetic little "traffic cone" scratcher? Toss it! It's TOO SHORT!!
(well, maybe you can save your parking space with it)

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for CATS on the HUGE SIDE!

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The B60TR

60" Tall

Sisal Rope


For the HUGE domestic cat.

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"A little stretch when I scratch
is all I ask!"


"CAREFUL!! You could put an EYE out with that thing!" -flerper

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Flerper's motto:
"Every good cat needs
a really tall
sisal scratcher."
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How to Pick a Cat Name

NOTE: The cat pictured here is a breed known as a Savannah, which are so big (3 ft.) that they are outlawed in some states. This cat is shown to let you know that your big cat can enjoy ripping away at this mammoth scratching post!

Pencil not included.

More views:

a WIDER sisal scratcher!

Really wide post wtth a great fleecy toy!

a WIDER sisal scratcher!

2 strong steel connectors supplied
(handy tool included)

Some satisfied humans said:

"He definitely loves it, glad to finally see him being able to stretch himself at full length comfortably. Its very good quality too! -Mr. Taylor (San Diego, CA )
"Wow! Tigger loves it. We couldn't figure out why she was still scratching our furniture with the smaller scratching posts around the house. Then we thought...let's check Ebay to see if there is anything better she might use. She loves to stretch on this never occured to me she was too tall for the others...When she scratches, she reaches 3/4 of the way wonder she wasn't using those small scratching posts...Thanks very much! " -2ballards (Charlottesville, VA)

"FastShippingAsAdvertisedGreatPriceProfessionalSellerEnjoyedReadingYourPoliciesA+"... Buyer: kasage28

"... this is the best cat scratcher ive ever owned..." Buyer: boyle6948

"A second thank you: my cats love your scratching post, they have never taken to a new item as rapidly.
My new sofa is safe, my cats are happy....." -Buyer: zurie333

"Very fast shipping, my cats love it!" -Buyer: kotnik123

"...extremely happy with item, works beautifully!" -Buyer: carrie68_123

"Sturdy, expertly constructed, well packaged, top quality..." -Buyer: tallerthanyou11

"100% worth the money!!! Better than expected...super fast shipping" -Buyer: crzy4brslsprouts

"Cats love it!  Even the box.  Diamond, the active youngster, was a little shy about climbing for about 30 seconds, then saw the toy and had to grab for it.  Couldn't quite reach, so she shoots up it and jumps off!" Buyer: janetand2cats

Five feet tall is INSANELY TALL 

 Is your cat reall that long? Holy CRAP!

B60 TR Product Details:
  • This scratching post is made in the USA, by American citizens,
  • You really have to search far and wide for a pole like this, but here it is,
  • Post is ONE INCH WIDER than our previous posts,
  • Its 19" base is 3" wider than others & at least 1.5" thick (compare w/ others),
  • Includes fuzzy toy on a sturdy tether (daring your critter to rip it off),
  • Tightly bound long-lasting 3/8" sisal rope (many other vendors use 1/4"),
  • All critical connections are secured with industrial steel fasteners,
  • Shipped with base off. Strong steel bolt & handy tool included,
  • 5 min. assembly, at most,
  • Offered in neutral tones. We promise you a high-quality, dense beige carpet,
  • Your cat won't need a taller post. A great stretch for the largest breeds,
  • Once kitty tries this huge scratcher, she will not want anything else!,
  • In fact, she'll be completely SPOILED FOREVER by our superior post!
  • From a shop with a 26 yr. reputation of THOROUGHLY satisfying scratches,
  • Replacement sisal portion available (read about it to the right ---->),
  • Many, many satisfied cat lovers (see some comments above).

Also available: Spare sisal portion of column for only $30 if shipped with your order. Effectively DOUBLES the life of your scratcher!!

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  • Also available: One spare sisal column for $30 if shipped w/ your order. We pay added shipping costs. DOUBLES the life of your scratcher!!
For questions about buying the spare column:
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