Does this MEAN something to you?

24" long Brazilian Sisal Rope column with carpeted top, fleecy toy, & hardware

This is also the B48TR replacement sisal top.

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We've done the hard part.

You provide a base.

Catman's motto:
"Every good cat needs
a really good
sisal scratcher."

If you have the Feline Design B48tr post, this is the replacement for the top. or sisal portion.

If you're considering making your own scratcher, here's the tough part, all wrapped up for you. This size should be a nice starter sisal post for a kitten.

Does this MEAN something to you?

More views:

a WIDER sisal scratcher!

The wider post will be provided unless you require a narrower post.

Overall diameter approx. 5.25 inches.

Pencil not included.

2 strong steel connectors supplied
(handy tool included)

If you need a replacement column:

If you have the B48TR now, make sure you verify your core size and wall thickness. We will ship the wider column if you do not supply a different set of measurements.
The core size is the diameter of the wooden plug. This measurement will be either 3" or 4".
And the wall thickness is the thickness of the wall of the tube. It will range between approx. 3/16" and 1/2".

Just give us these measurements so we can build you a top that fits perfectly to your original B48TR.

B48TR Column - Product Details:
  • This column is made in the USA, by American citizens.
  • You really have to search far and wide for a pole like this, but here it is.
  • Includes fuzzy toy on a sturdy tether (daring your critter to rip it off).
  • Tightly bound long-lasting 3/8" sisal rope (many other vendors use 1/4").
  • All critical connections are secured with industrial steel fasteners.
  • Strong steel bolt, threaded rod, & handy tool included.
  • Topped with a neutral beige carpet.
  • This column can be used as a replacement top for the B48tr, or
  • MAKE YOUR OWN BASE & you have a great 17+" scratching post!
  • Once kitty tries this tough scratcher, she will not want anything else!.
  • In fact, she'll be completely SPOILED FOREVER by our superior post!
  • From a shop with a 26 yr. reputation of THOROUGHLY satisfying scratches.
B48TR Column - Transaction Details:
  • We welcome all international purchases, especially from our Canadian neighbours.
  • Canadian buyers, please contact us with your postal code.
  • Just scroll down about an inch, & you'll be where you order.


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