Assembly of the AT4

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Push any loose fibers away from the center of the before attaching posts. Please note that the lower post now has one hole instead of three, so that this post can be inverted when it is worn down on one end from scratching activity.



(6) Insert threaded rods so that half (about 2") is sticking out (exposed)



(8) Gently insert the first level over threaded rod.

(9) Turn second post onto threaded rod, trying to exert minimial downward pressure on the rod. This will prevent any loosening of the connection hardware inside to components. When the post is snug (not spinning easily), stop turning.

(10) Insert another rod, and remaining platform.


(12) Turn top post (final platform is attached to it) onto the rod. It would help to have some assistance on this step, & is recommended that you have the structure in a vertical position ( as opposed to horizontal ). Try to turn it without exerting any sideways or heavy downward pressure on the components. This will avoid damaging the connection between the interior hardware and the wood plugs. When it is snug, adjust the levels as shown below, so the unit will be balanced. Again - please avoid tightening everything too much. These components will settle in together. It is suggested that you place this piece in a corner, or at least by a wall. This will minimize any accidents caused by reckless or out of control cats. To compensate for an uneven floor, you may wish to place the entire tree on a very low nap rug or throw rug.


Please contact us with any questions or problems.

We want you to have a smooth and swift assembly, and will do whatever needed to ensure this outcome.





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