Assembly Instructions
Model LSS, LWS, LTP, MWS, SW3, and 3BC

Thank you for purchasing a Feline Design product. Here are your easy assembly instructions:

Your post should have arrived with the following:
a carpeted base, B) a sisal or carpet covered post, C) 4 quick bolts (plus washers for some models),
and D) a small hexagon wrench .
Items C and D are in the bag with these instructions.
If any of these is missing, please contact us, and we will send you the missing item.

Step-by-step instructions:

1) The post has 4 threaded nuts inside the wooden part at the bottom. There are  two holes which are outlined in colors: one in red, and one in red and black. The holes may be numbered, as well. You will use these colored holes to connect your post. The other 2 holes should be used if, at a later time, you feel that the post needs some added security. These 2 colored holes will be more than enough to make a secure connection.

Push back any loose carpet fibers from center of top of base (to make a clean fit with post). Place top of scratching post on floor so that bottom of pole faces up (you may need someone to help steady the post).

3) Note that the base has holes with matching colors to the holes on the post. Position base on post so these holes touch each other. Label on base should be facing you now (OK, OK, you knew that!).

GENTLY insert bolts through base and into holes in post (after first adding washers to them, if included). If a bolt does not easily thread into the nut, turn it counter-clockwise one full turn and try it again. You may have to do this 2 or 3 times before the bolt threads into the nut. Turn the bolt as far as possible with your fingers. Use the hex wrench when necessary.

5) Tighten bolts as much as possible with fingers, alternating between the 2 until they are as far in as possible. Then use the hex wrench to fully tighten them. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK THE WOOD BY OVERTIGHTENING. Your post should be ready to use. Go get your cat, now & stand back.

6)  If there are assembly questions or problems, we're here to help. For your convenience, there is a "contact us" button on the entrance page to our site.

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