Assembly Instructions
Diane's Custom MCH Cat Post

Thank you for purchasing a Feline Design product. Here are your easy assembly instructions....

Your post should have arrived with the following ): A) the carpeted base, B) the sisal rope post connected to the bed, C) 1 quick bolt, D) 1 lock washer, E) 2 3" drywall screws, and F) a hex wrench . 
If any of these is missing, please contact us, and we will send you the missing item.

1) Place cup on floor, so that post end is facing up:

2) Push any loose carpet fibers away from center of hole on top of base to ensure a flush fit. Position base on post and align cup edges with base edges:

3) Make sure that the lock washer is sapplied to the bolt:

4) Insert bolt through hole in base & tighten it onto the bottom of the post, using hex key:

5) Insert the remaining 2 screws through the pre-drilled holes, and tighten them with a philips head screwdriver:

If there are any problems, please contact me and I will resolve them. -tommy