Assembly Instructions
Model CL4(Page 2)

3) GENTLY positon the sisal post (either end will work) atop the rod, & turn it, holding it as straight as possible, and applying neutral pressure (neither upward nor downward force). Once the two ends meet, and you receive some resistance from the post, make 1/4 turn more & stop. Please remember that you should not over-tighten this connection. It may loosen the nuts inside the posts.

Insert the remaining rod into the top of the sisal post, and turn it until it stops. There should be approx. 1/2" of the bolt sticking up out of the post. Position the round perch atop the rod, and secure it in the same way you secured the sisal post. Again, please be careful not to over-tighten this assembly (how many times do I have to tell you?!!!)

5) Step away from your CL4, and let your cat take over.

6) If you have any asembly problems or questions, contact us & we'll help.

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