Assembly Instructions
Model CL4(Page 1)

Thank you for purchasing a Feline Design product.
Here are your easy assembly instructions:

Your post should have arrived with the following:
the base, along with the condo & lower portion of the scratching post B)  the rear perch, attached to its support legs, C) a circular perch, D) one sisal rope post - or more, if ordered,  & E) a hex wrench assembly tool, two quick bolts, & two threaded rods. 

If any of these is missing, please contact us, and we will send it.

1) For this first part, you should have someone assist you, if possible. Place the base with the condo on its side, so that the cut away portion of the carpet at the rear of the condo faces up. Get the perch with the legs. Remove the protective brace attached to the leg ends, using your hex key. Use care not to wiggle the freed legs, as this may damage their connection to the perch (Wiggle your own legs). You may discard the brace. Position the legs so that the cut away portion of their carpet meets the similar areas on the back of the condo. Insert the bolts through the bottom of the base and into the holes at the ends of the legs. It may take a few tries and some adjustment to get them into their holes, but your CL4 has been successfully test assembled at least once so it will come together. Once the bolts are in their holes, turn them to get them engaged with the nuts in the legs. Turn as far as possible by hand, then finish with the hex key. Don't over tighten, as you may damage the connection.

2) The sisal post has a threaded nut inside the wooden part on either end (they may not be visible).  This post is reversible, so it does not matter which end you choose for the bottom. Set the sisal post aside for a moment. Thread one of the bolts into the lower portion of the front post by gently inserting it into the hole at the top of the post. If the bolt does not easily engage the threads, turn the rod counter-clockwise a full turn and then try it again. You may need to do this 2 or 3 times before it will catch the threads inside the post. Turn the rod until it stops. There should be approx. 2" sticking up out of the post. See next page.

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