Assembly Instructions
Models B35tr & B48tr
, B60tr
Thank you for purchasing a Feline Design product. Here are your easy assembly instructions:

Your post should have arrived with the following: A) the carpeted base, B) the lower (carpeted) post, C) the top half (rope) post (or two, if ordered), C)  a brown quickbolt,  D) a threaded rod, and  E) a hex key tool.
If any of these is missing, please contact us, and we will send you the missing item.

1) Please set the base aside for a moment and get the post.
The lower (carpeted) post has a threaded nut inside the wooden part at the bottom (which has printed on it the words: "to base") Thread the brown quickbolt into the nut by gently inserting it into the  hole at the bottom of the post. DO NOT FORCE IT INTO THE HOLE. If the bolt does not easily engage the threads, turn the bolt counter-clockwise a little and then try it again. You may need to do this 2 or 3 times before it will catch the threads inside the post. Now that you see how it connects, remove the bolt from the post and pick up the base.

2) Insert the bolt through the center hole of the base.

3) Pick up the lower  (carpeted) post, and continue inserting the bolt GENTLY through the base, and into the center hole of the post, as you did in step 1. Turn the bolt as far as possible with your fingers.

4) Insert the assembly tool in the center of the bolt, and tighten the bolt just until it stops. When it is tight enough, you should not be able to turn the post on the base. Do not tighten too much. This is only a wood product. Overtightening may crush or break the area around the hole.

5) Insert the threaded rod into the hole at the top of the lower post until it stops, or until there is no less than 2 3/8 inches (approx. 6 cm) sticking up out of the post.

6) Slowly spin the top (rope) post on the rod. Hold it as straight (vertical) as possible. Maintain a neutral pressure (neither upward nor downward pressure) on this post as you turn it. Pushing down on it could loosten the nuts inside the posts. Turn it until it is tight. Tighten the quickbolt if necessary.

7) Step aside. Let your cat take over now.

You can contact us using the contact button on our website. When ordering spare sisal tops, please provide the plug diameter  (3" or 4") & the wall thickness of the tube outside the wooden plug, (about 1/4" to 1/2"). Your core may also be identified by a single letter, such as A, B or C.

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