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Frank Bonnevier,
Built Environment Analyst



JLG Industries, Inc

JLG Industries, Inc

McConnellsburg, PA (USA)


Date: 2002

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JLG Industries, Inc.
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Project Manager.

JLG Corporation, located in western Franklin County, PA required expansion of a paint line and had been required to upgrade their emission status with the State of Pennsylvania's newest environmental regulations. Understanding either solution would require downtime to an already overbooked paint facilty, they choose to build a state of the art paint facilty on their existing site.

A surge in sales of their extended range boom vehicles required a compressed timeline. Design and construction was completed in less than one calendar year, with start up of the paint line starting immediately thereafter with little or no complications. Primary focus remained the owner's production, so working with the JLG ie's, we provided a facility allowing a seamless rollout of the new paint system and no downtime in production