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Model 3BC, 30 inch

Straight, extra-wide

Berber Scratching Post 


Class of POST

proudly made in the USA

   "So your cat prefers Berber? We can do that....."


3bc, heavy-duty, extra wide berber scratching post 30"

 The 3BC

30" heavy duty berber scratching post with reinforced base

The 3BC - a massive scratcher  

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  •  Tall and tough. You will not find strength and durability like this anywhere else. Period.
  • Overall height: 30"
  • Covered securely, bound with industrial fasteners.
  • TWO by SIX board construction on upright section. Actually two posts back-to back! Really FLAT and Wide!
  • Reinforced 19" base, & more than two and a half inches thick at center of base.
  • Offered in various shades of beige only
  • Easy assembly - Shipped with base off. All fasteners and tool supplied. No additional tools needed.
  • free shipping in US mainland
  • Total quality that lasts - the quality your cat deserves!


30" high heavy-duty berber scratching post on an all-wood frame

 The 3BC

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3BC 30" berber post
only $109.99

Note: if ordering two for $204.98, please select the 3BC TWO-PACK at the right side of this page)


Please note that berber is a loop carpet & is therefore subject to pulls and fraying. As your cat continues to scratch it, you should just cut these loose ends off with a scissors. the fact is that ALL of our posts will eventually be destroyed, and one day, we hope it looks so bad that you'll want another!
 only $109.99,
or 2 for only $204.98 (Save $15)

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3BC Two Pack
 only $204.98

Buy 2 and Save $15! Twin posts, shipped with base off. Easy attachment with no additional tools necessary.



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